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You Hold the Ticket to a Child's Wish®

Airline Miles Drive

Tune in to the 12 News Airline Miles Drive Tuesday, April 3, or make a pledge to give today!

Donate Airline Miles
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Did you know that 77% of wishes require air travel? In fact, Make-A-Wish Arizona needs more than 96 million airline miles to help kids and their families reach their wish destinations each year!

That's why we have partnered with 12 News (KPNX) to host an Airline Miles Drive, with the goal to raise three million miles in one day! 


Tune in to 12 News Tuesday, April 3, and make a pledge to give, or donate your miles today using our easy, online form. Your help can give Arizona kids battling critical illnesses their wish come true!


1. Determine the airline that you would like to donate your miles.
2. Locate your mileage account number and call the airline or log in online.
3. Select how many miles you would like to donate. 

Miles to spare can get them there.

96,000,000 MILES: Covers one year of travel wishes for children in Arizona.

160,000 MILES: Covers tickets for a family of four on a domestic flight.

130,000 MILES: Covers one wish kid's ticket for an international wish.

80,000 MILES:
Covers one wish kid's ticket for a wish to Hawaii.

40,000 MILES:
Covers one wish kid's ticket for a wish in the United States.

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