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Kate Garner

Name: Kate Garner

Title: Receptionist

Contact information:

Before joining Make-A-Wish® Arizona: I’ve worked in sales and marketing my career, I’ve owned a couple of businesses and my love is volunteering.

Education: Degree in Astrology and Psychology

About Me: I’ve lived here for 36 years and have 4 great kids, 6 equally great Grandkids and 2 amazing great grandkids. They live in Colorado and San Diego so I have lovely places to visit.

My favorite thing about working at Make-A-Wish® Arizona: I love it here, work that satisfies my heart and soul, being with wonderful people and having such a great time working.

My wish would be: I wish to go to Alaska to see all that amazing beauty!

Make-A-Wish® Arizona
2901 North 78th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(602) 395-9474
Toll Free (800) 324-9474