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Kendall, 12, takes on fast rides and unlimited ice cream on her wish

  • Kendall and her family had fun being silly and enjoying themselves around the park.

  • Kendall's favorite movie is Up, so she loved finding certain characters throughout the park to get her Wilderness Explorer Badge.

  • Kendall spent her trip overcoming a lot of things she feared, including riding fast rides and meeting new people.

  • In addition to the Disney parks, Kendall also spent a day at Universal Studios!

  • Kendall's wish experience left her with memories she will have forever.

“ I was able to get rid of my fear of fast rides, it was awesome! ”

- Kendall

Wish kid Kendall says that her favorite movie is the Disney*Pixar movie Up but based on her description of her wish trip to Walt Disney World®, we think she might also like The Lego Movie.

“Everything was awesome,” says Kendall about her once-in-a-lifetime wish experience.

Kendall spent her trip doing a lot of things that she feared, including riding fast rides, eating ice cream every day (she is lactose intolerant), and talking with strangers to exchange pins but in total, the experience left her with memories she will have forever.

“I was able to get rid of my fear of fast rides because my family challenged me to try rides like Space Mountain,” said Kendall. “It was a rip-roaring rocket and went through a bunch of giant loops in the dark.

“Everyone in my family wanted to do it so I decided I should do it too,” she continued. “And it was awesome.”

Her family also was very supportive of her request to spend her first day at the Animal Kingdom park, so she could try for her Wilderness Explorer Badge like Up characters Russell and Dug.

“It was just like Russell in the movie, we got to do all of these things through the Animal Kingdom park and then you had to put paper on the badge and draw over it,” said Kendall. “You had to ride certain rides or find certain animals throughout the park.”

The family spent days exploring every park in Disney, including Hollywood Studios where Kendall ran into another of her favorite characters, Ed, the hyena from The Lion King. They also went to Universal Orlando, to spend time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter™. In the evenings, they focused on spending time together at Magic Kingdom, enjoy the rides, and at Give Kids the World, enjoying the activities of the special resort.

“We had our own home at Give Kids the World and it was so cool to see it,” said Kendall. “Plus, they had unlimited ice cream, which was cool even though I could only eat a certain amount since I’m allergic to dairy. The place was awesome.”

In the end, Kendall said she would remember her wish trip as a vacation that really made her open her eyes to new things and experience, both figuratively and literally.

“On the faster rides, before when I was afraid, I used to close my eyes so I would really feel it and I promised my sister I would keep my eyes open [on the rides] this trip,” said Kendall. “It made everything so much better. It was so awesome.”

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