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I wish to go

“ I could do my treatments while looking at the ocean or the ... ”

Casper , 14

cystic fibrosis

I wish to go to Australia

Bryce, 7, wished to go to Disney World with his best friend.

After meeting in the hospital, Bryce and Dorothy are "forever friends"

Tiffany, 16, wished to walk on the beach at midnight

16-year-old Tiffany's heartfelt wish to walk on the beach at midnight

Larry, 8, at Lego Land in Denmark.

Larry, 8, finds out how LEGOs are made on wish to see the original factory

Emily, 16, wished to go to the Super Bowl.

Football fanatic Emily, 16, takes her family to watch Super Bowl XLIX

Lexi, 12, wished to go on a Talia Joy Fan Cruise

Inspired by YouTube star's journey, Lexi wishes to go on her legacy cruise

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