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November Volunteers of the Month, Mackenzie Scroggins and Emily Haglin

November Volunteers of the Month, Mackenzie Scroggins and Emily Haglin with Sydney
Emily Haglin and Mackenzie Scroggins are extraordinary wish granters on their own, and their teamwork on a recent wish truly shows the impact their hard work and compassion has on the families they serve.

Together, Emily and Mackenzie granted 18-year-old Sydney’s unique wish request to swim with pigs in the Bahamas, but they were also a huge source of support for everything she was facing throughout the process.

“Emily and Mackenzie immediately connected with Sydney and our family,” said Sydney’s mom, Alenda. “They were sure to keep in touch with me on the day of Sydney’s heart surgery and single handedly changed Sydney's perspective of her illness through their caring, genuine personalities.”

“They were always available to me, a crying mess of a mom, and for once made me feel like we were going to get through our situation,” she continued. “Mackenzie and Emily went far above and beyond. Their warm smiles, soft hearts and genuine personalities made the wish process just as special as the trip itself.”

Sydney’s wish continues to be one of Mackenzie and Emily’s most memorable wishes, due to Sydney and her welcoming family, but their other experiences as volunteer wish granters have been equally as amazing.

“Granting wishes goes beyond finding out what children want, it’s about making it as special as possible,” said Emily, who previously volunteered as a wish granter for Make-A-Wish Minnesota. “We get to provide them with the fun treatment any kid would love to experience.”

“It is absolutely amazing knowing we were able to change Sydney’s outlook on her condition,” Emily continued. “We were able to help replace her fears, which is something we will never forget.”

Together, Emily and Mackenzie have granted more than 35 wishes and are currently working on three more. “We both work in the same department at the national office and started the same month, so it was just a natural fit for us to be co-wish granters,” said Mackenzie. “As an added plus, she’s just as committed to the mission as I am, so I feel like we work very well together!”

“Make-A-Wish is so different. You get to work hands on, and it is incredible to be a part of something that is so highly revered,” Mackenzie continued. “My favorite part of being a wish granter is getting to know the kids and having the freedom to be crafty and enhance their wish.”

It is their combined dedication and passion for volunteering that allows Emily and Mackenzie to leave a lasting impact on wish kids and their families whenever they can.

Emily’s wish is to meet the St. Louis Blues and spend a weekend with them.

Mackenzie’s wish is to go to all seven continents.

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