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18-year-old David's empowering wish to Stand Up to Cancer

  • David, 18, wished to go to Stand Up to Cancer.

  • David was able to bring his family on his trip with him.

  • David rode in a limo from place to place during his wish.

  • David and his family received front row tickets to the event.

“ The whole experience was flawless and it couldn’t possibly have been better ”

- David

Three years ago, David was diagnosed with cancer. He admits it was a challenge deciding what his one true wish would be, but when he first saw “Stand Up to Cancer” on television, his choice was made.

“Stand Up to Cancer," is both a movement for accelerating innovative cancer research and an annual televised fundraiser that provides joy to the cancer community through the work of the actors and comedians who support the researchers’ efforts. David, 18, wished to experience the live event in California with his family.    

“I wanted to see what people are doing to discover a cure,” David said. “It’s one thing to watch it on television, but it’s a really cool experience to be a part of it with people who are going through the same thing.”

When David’s family arrived in Los Angeles for the event, they found out they had front row tickets. David also had the opportunity to walk the red carpet with celebrities, where news reporters interviewed him about his experience!

“Make-A-Wish Arizona did an amazing job of making me feel special and welcome,” he said. “I was overwhelmed by the amount of people! My wish really opened my eyes and showed me how much support is out there.”

A big highlight of the evening for David was seeing one of his favorite artists perform on stage.

“I got to watch Ariana Grande and she was amazing!” he said. “She is as good live as she is on the radio!”

David, whose mom passed away in January, is especially grateful for the time he was able to spend with his family.

“This was our last family vacation that included all of us and I’m really happy we will always have this memory,” David said.

Looking back on the wish, David says it really puts everything into perspective to see so many celebrities as cancer survivors too. He continues to be inspired by the amount of people who are so invested in this cause.

“The whole experience was flawless and it couldn’t possibly have been better,” David said.

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