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Seeing volcanoes and learning to surf, Elizabeth explores island treasures

  • Elizabeth (right) and Hailey (sister) strike a pose to show off their Hawaiian style.

  • Elizabeth swimming with dolphins in Honolulu

  • Learning how to surf was one of the main highlights for Elizabeth (far left).

  • Elizabeth enjoying a free day with her family.

“ The whole wish experience was more than what I had imagined ”

- Elizabeth

What’s an eight hour flight when the destination is Hawaii for an entire week? For wish kid Elizabeth, 16, the eight hour overseas flight was the longest part of the wish trip, but once she arrived, the week flew by in a whirlwind of activities and experiences.

“It was my first trip out of the country so I was a little nervous and scared,” said Elizabeth. “I just wanted to get there already!”

According to Elizabeth she wished to go to Hawaii so she could spend time with her family and experience a scene different then the desert landscape in which she grew up.

And the scenery was definitely a big change! Elizabeth could not stop talking about the clear warm waters and the white sandy beaches. “The beaches we went to were beautiful, and the water was so clear,” said Elizabeth. “It was amazing.”

With so much to see and do, Elizabeth and her family woke up bright and early each day to visit Hawaii’s famous volcanoes and beaches. They toured the island, experiencing everything they could to make sure the wish was everything Elizabeth wanted and more.

In addition to spending quality time with her family instead of hospitals and doctors, Elizabeth was able to do two firsts: swimming with dolphins, and learning to surf.

Though it was her first time on a surf board, it wasn’t long before Elizabeth mastered the art. “It was my first time surfing and the instructor said I was really good,” said Elizabeth. “I really wanted my own surf board, but there’s nowhere to really surf in Arizona.”

The family also took a trip to see the memorial of Pearl Harbor. “We just started learning about World War II in school,” said Elizabeth. “It was really sad, knowing what had happened there, but it reminded me that we should always be grateful for what we have.”

“It’s kind of hard to pick what was the best part just because there was so much I did and saw,” said Elizabeth. “The whole wish experience was more than what I had imagined.” 

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