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Volunteers of the Month: Had and Christa

Had and Christa have been granting wishes together for more than six years, but Had’s introduction to Make-A-Wish Arizona began in a way that was unusual for the organization.

“We were newly dating when Christa asked me to join her in her passion for volunteering with Make-A-Wish Arizona,” said Had, who was interested but didn’t realized that Christa had ulterior motives in asking him to partner with her on wishes.

“Christa could not find very much information about me when we first met, so she figured that if I was approved to be a volunteer after the Make-A-Wish Arizona background check, I was a good person and she could continue dating me,” he continued. “We got married three years ago and have been volunteering together ever since.” 

Both Had and Christa agree their favorite part about granting wishes is meeting so many brave kids and seeing the joy on their faces throughout the wish process.

“As wish granters, we are sometimes exposed to families during their weakest moments,” Christa said. “But these kids’ smiles are so big and heartwarming, it is easy to forget all they have been through.”

“There will always be a need for wish granters,” Had continued. “Every time we hear a child’s story, we are instantly renewed and sign up for another wish – or two, or three.” 

And, while Had may only be celebrating his sixth year volunteering with the organization, Christa has been committed to helping wish kids for more than 10 years.

“It’s inspiring to be a part of this experience for kids who are battling critical illnesses,” she said. “I think that is why so many businesses and people want to help make wishes come true. It’s truly a team effort and, thanks to everyone’s teamwork, our families can create wonderful and lasting memories with their child.”

Even after granting more than 20 wishes together, Had and Christa admit they continue to learn with every new opportunity to get to know a child and their family.

“We can’t think of a more rewarding experience,” Had said. “With each and every wish that you grant, you grow more and more grateful for all that you have been given in life,” Christa continued.

If you could have a wish, what would it be? To travel and see the world

Volunteers of the month

Francisco , 16


To have my own truck

Francisco drives away bad thoughts in his wish truck

Keith , 7

nervous system disorder

I wish to have a sensory room

Keith uses wish to transform his room into a sensory sanctuary
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