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5 Reasons To Be A Monthly Wishmaker

Do you have a New Year's Resolution to give back? Now, you can help wishes come true all year long as a member of our Monthly Wishmaker Club!
  1. We Make It Easy: Select an amount you would like to give each month ($20, $50, $100) and you will help grant Arizona wishes year-round, with no additional time or effort required.

  2. You're Changing Lives: 1 in 3 kids is still waiting for their wish come true and we need your help to grant the wish of every eligible child in Arizona. 

  3. Become Part of A Community: Make-A-Wish Arizona has been granting wishes since 1980 thanks to our Wish Society members! With more than 5,500 wishes granted these past 38 years, you join an exclusive community of supporters.

  4. We Are Flexible: If you for any reason wish to increase, decrease or stop your gift, just give us a call and we will gladly accommodate you.

  5. It's Convenient: When you join our Monthly Wishmaker Club, your gift will be automatically transferred and will appear on your statement each month.

Learn more about how you can help wishes come true all year long and become a member of our Monthly Wishmaker Club at

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