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July Volunteer of the Month: Paul Pritchard

Paul, who has been a volunteer with Make-A-Wish Arizona for eight months now, demonstrates his selflessness on a day-to-day basis.

“I am retired now, and I knew I wanted to devote my time to an organization where I could help make a difference in my community,” said Paul, who also volunteers for the Scottsdale Museum of the West, and Phoenix Spring Training.

“Out of many places I volunteer, Make-A-Wish Arizona is very special to me. Having kids of my own, and now grandchildren, has created a soft spot in my heart for children in general. To work for an organization that helps Arizona children dealing with life-threatening medical conditions means everything to me.”

Paul volunteers twice a week in the office, helping Laura Beedle, Make-A-Wish Arizona’s Donor Care Manager, input and record every gift, change of address, update of information and more. Together, they make it easy to reach the right people with the right information.

“As a volunteer, I knew I wanted to have a back-office job where I could perform small tasks that would make the lives of the staff easier,” said Paul. “I wanted to take care of the menial tasks for them so they could focus on the more important duties.”

And while more of his time is spent behind the scenes, Paul’s work on “small tasks” certainly does not go unnoticed.

“Paul is the best,” said Laura. “He is willing to work on anything we ask him to do. He is very thorough and a pleasure to work with. We love him!”

Paul plans on continuing to volunteer at Make-A-Wish Arizona for as long as he is able, and encourages the people he knows to do the same.

“Something that I always tell people is that the more effort you put into something, the more you will get out of the experience,” said Paul. “I think Make-A-Wish Arizona is an organization that can truly benefit from the support of our community.”  

When asked what Paul’s one true wish would be, his selflessness shined once again as he answered.

“My one true wish would be to do all the work that I can toward bettering Make-A-Wish Arizona.”

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