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July Volunteer of the Month: Martha Rydzak

After Martha’s 3-year-old niece received her wish to go to Walt Disney World, Martha was eager to become a part of the organization that made it happen.
  • Martha has been a wish granter for over three years

“I watched this amazing team of volunteers make my niece so happy, and I realized I wanted to help make other kids feel the same way,” said Martha, who signed up for the next volunteer training in 2015.

Since then, Martha has granted 12 wishes with more to come this summer, and she’s loved every minute of volunteering with Make-A-Wish Arizona. 

“The best part is getting to know wish kids and finding out what their greatest passion or wish is. When you make their wish come true and see how happy they are, there’s no greater feeling.”

Martha still remembers how her first wish kid, Tyler, is the happiest boy she had ever met, even though he has a serious heart condition.

“He struggles to breathe and had trouble getting around, but he is always smiling,” she continued. “The strength and hope he radiates really blew me away.”

Martha loved granting Tyler’s wish to meet the Indianapolis Colts and she couldn’t believe it when she saw him being interviewed on the news about his wish.

“It was so cool to see him talk about how special his wish was knowing that I had helped,” she said. “I feel like some people don’t sign up to volunteer because they’re afraid of the commitment or how hard it might be to put a wish together, but it’s always a team effort and you’re never on your own.”

“If people knew how much support you receive from other volunteers and wish managers, I think they would sign up in a heartbeat!” she continued.

When she’s not granting wishes, Martha loves to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in her spare time. “For people who have the time, you should definitely try to volunteer,” she said. “It makes your life more fulfilling.”

But Make-A-Wish Arizona definitely has a special place in Martha’s heart.

“When you grant a wish, that feeling is so rewarding and that’s why I’d encourage people to sign up. It’s something you’ll never regret doing.”

My wish: I wish to go to Jordan with my family to see my mother’s hometown


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