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Laura makes it her mission to refer all her eligible patients for a wish

Wish kid Jada shares a special bond with her social worker Laura, who referred her for a wish
Pediatric Oncology Social Worker Laura knows the impact of a wish. That is why she referred wish kid Jada less than 24 hours after she was diagnosed with cancer.

“I refer all my eligible patients because I believe so strongly in the impact of Make-A-Wish Arizona,” Laura said. “I tell my patients and their family members that they are eligible for a wish not because of their prognosis, but because of everything they have been through and how strong they have been.” 

Laura believed that Jada would benefit from receiving a wish after seeing her go through her cancer treatment firsthand. 

“Make-A-Wish gives children something to look forward to in the dark days of treatment, and afterwards, they will have those memories of their wish to cherish forever,” Laura said. “I wanted Jada to experience that joy.” 

Jada just returned from her wish trip, a Disney Cruise Line to the Bahamas, and Laura heard all about it. Jada swam with the dolphins, jet skied, and saw a live performance of Beauty and the Beast on the cruise ship. 

“To know I can be a part of making a wish come true, to help kids as they go through so much, I love being a part of that process,” said Laura. “ I am incredibly passionate about ensuring that every child with a critical illness receives a wish. These kids deserve the world and Make-A-Wish Arizona gives them a gift they will never forget. “

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