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Make-A-Wish Arizona meets with Hispanic media to promote their work

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"I wish to have a party”, “I wish to see snow”, “I wish to be a Diamondbacks player”, “I want to go to Disneyland”, “I want a room renovation”, “I want to go on a cruise”… These are only a few examples of the most common wishes that kids have when they have the opportunity to experience the magic of a dream, where perhaps the limit of Make-A-Wish to turn those dreams into reality, is the sky.

The magic starts once the child is chosen after being referred to the organization by a doctor, a social worker, and his parents. Those involved generally 2 to 3 volunteers, are in charge of creating a special environment that is unforgettable and where the child expresses his/her wish.

The main goal of everyone who works at this organization is to bring so much happiness to each and everyone of the kids, who must be between 2 and 18 years old, and that no illness can stop them and make them forget, event for a moment, the pain, the sadness and the frustration.

This is why directors of this noble organization recently met with several local Hispanic media outlets, among them Panorama Online, to talk about their projects but mainly about the need that exists for more volunteers who speak Spanish and can become involved with Make-A-Wish.

Carlos Inostroza, a Venezuela with a heart of gold, who plays a key role in this “fairy tale” with his title of “Wish Manager,” and who has been with the organization for the last 12 years, was one of the individuals in charge of talking to those present about the need for volunteers. 

Carlos said that among his responsibilities, contrary to what people think, there is no time for compassion and sadness. “Each child who comes to our organization is different and unique to us, for each child, his/her wish is the greatest and it is the best thing that could’ve happen to him/her,” he assured.

According to Inostroza, there is a considerable list of Hispanic kids waiting to get their wishes granted due to the lack of bilingual volunteers to collaborate in cases where both Spanish and English-language communication is required.

To get a complete list of current volunteer opportunities, visit or call 602.342.9453

–Work of Faith and Hope

The interesting thing about this noble cause is that not only the child sees the wish become a reality but his/her immediate family, generally parents and brothers, also share with the child special moments, many times even a friend of the child is allowed to be part of the wish.

- Make-A-Wish Arizona, which has been recognized as one of the best non-profit organizations, they do their job with love and hope to change lives, bringing support, strength and joy to children, but also to their families that for an instant they move away from the anguish of seeing their loved one go through this difficult time. And the fact is that many of these families are so wrapped around the illness that they cannot think about fun or recreation, they don’t have the time or the energy to deal with planning something, because regrettably the illness takes up everything.

The rest of the article talks about how Make-A-Wish Arizona was founded, when it was founded and talks about the story of Chris Greicius and his wish. 

Oportunidades de voluntariado

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El voluntariado es una gran manera de ayudar.

Lo invitamos a compartir el poder de un deseo (wish®), ya sea unas cuantas horas al mes o unos cuantos días al año.

Siempre tenemos una necesidad de más voluntarios bilingües. 

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Oportunidades de voluntariado

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Cada deseo concedido por Make-A-Wish® es único para el niño(a) y su familia.

Existe un proceso mediante el cual se recomienda a un niño(a), se determina su elegibilidad y se le concede su deseo más anhelado.

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