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ACE Asphalt paves the way to Caroline’s wish for a backyard race track

Caroline with family and friends
If there is one thing 9-year-old Caroline knows for sure it is that she “likes to go fast.”

Caroline, who was born with a genetic disorder, has been in love with the idea of race cars and being a speedster for as long as she can remember. Even when Caroline’s disorder limited her to a wheelchair, she didn’t it see it that way.

“I’ve never been quite sure where her affinity for race cars started but it is truly her greatest passion. She loves when we push her fast in the grocery cart and her wheelchair and she wants to be a race car driver when she grows up.” said Caroline’s mother, Anna. “Her father transformed her wheelchair into a race car and she loved it. We knew that she liked to go fast so we created her own special car.”

Caroline loves racing so much that her one true wish is to have a custom race track created in her backyard! 

“It’s not your run of the mill wish you see every day,” said Anna. “We were initially surprised, but once she said this is what she wished for it made complete sense.”

Make-A-Wish Arizona partnered with ACE Asphalt to create a plan for Caroline’s race track, and she could hardly contain her excitement throughout the process.

“Ever since Caroline found out her wish is going to be granted, we have seen changes in her,” said Anna. “Looking forward to this wish is what helped her through the hard days and it’s amazing to see the positive affect this experience has had on her.”

“When I was initially approached about the project, I was excited because I’d heard of Make-A-Wish before and the great things that they do for kids,” said Joseph Cochran, project manager for ACE Asphalt.

“Our team worked together to pave a track extending from Caroline’s driveaway and into her backyard, and while it was quite an effort, that was never a concern of mine,” said Joseph. “My concern was meeting the needs of this child and granting Caroline’s wish.”

On the day of Caroline’s wish reveal, Make-A-Wish Arizona presented Caroline with special race cars so she can race her siblings, plus her own helmet and set of gloves.

“There are no words to describe the joy on Caroline’s face, especially if you have children of your own,” said Joseph. “I think this will make a huge difference for Caroline and her family and it’s something that her children can enjoy someday. I think this project brought our team a lot closer, and we became more like a family.”

“Creating value is not just about the bottom line or profit,” said Scott Phillips, CEO for ACE Asphalt. “It’s about creating value for the community and giving back to create something that this family can continue to use for many years to come.”

Anna says one of the main reasons why Caroline wants a race track in her own backyard is because more kids will want to come over and play with Caroline.

“It can be difficult for Caroline to make friends because she isn’t mobile enough to make it to other homes at times and that can be hard for her,” she said. “But how that she has this race track, her friends can come to her.”

Caroline is so excited to race all of her family and friends on her new race track.

“I can’t wait!” she said. “I will get to race my cousins and new friends in my backyard and everyone will want to race with me!”

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