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6 Travel Hacks From a Wish Manager

From planning trips, booking flights and creating itineraries, the Wish Managers at Make-A-Wish Arizona are experienced travel experts responsible for granting the wishes of more than 400 children and their families each year. Wish Manager Katie Kopach shares some of the best travel hacks she has learned over the years to ensure your next trip goes smoothly.

Tip #1: Try to fly on a week day  

“It isn’t always less expensive to fly on a week day, but often times you may find lower rates and more availability. If you can plan to leave in the middle of the week, you tend to save some money.”

Tip #2: Weigh your bags before arriving

“After taking all the time to pack what you need in your luggage, it is not fun to have to unpack and re-arrange your items at the check in counter if your checked bag is over 50 pounds. You can use your scale at home or purchase a small portable one to weigh your bags at home before you get to the airport scale and remember that you will likely take souvenirs or other items back on the way home that may add a few pounds to your bag.”

Tip #3: Avoid purchases at the airport

“Items at the airport stores like food, magazines and phone chargers are more expensive so my husband and I treat our flights like a date night and we will bring our own movies and our favorite snacks. It’s more relaxing and you can save a lot of money, just don’t bring any liquid drinks or snacks!”

Top #4: Pack these essentials

“Planes can be hot or cold inside the cabin depending on where they just came from. Make sure you wear layers, so you are prepared for anything and will be comfortable during your flight! Also, highly recommend not wearing flip flops to the airport! You have to take off all shoes going through TSA security, so if you wear flip flops you end up walking barefoot where thousands of people a day are walking. Such a bummer! You can avoid this by wearing shoes with socks.”

Tip #5: Check into your flight early           

“Depending what airline you’re flying, do not forget to check into your flight on time. This is typically 24 hours before the flight takes off. Sometimes you can get a better seat (or boarding order) on the flight and it’s also important to check your flight status once you get to the airport.

Tip #6: A smile goes a long way

“If you are nice at the gate, nice at check-in and nice going through TSA, it is likely that others will be nice to you. We have been upgraded to exit row seats and we received free drinks and food on the plane. Of course, it’s not guaranteed, but it never hurts to be kind to others. Plus, flying can be stressful so having a good attitude will help your next trip to the airport be a more positive experience.”

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