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June Volunteers of the Month: Brian Cornellison and Cindy Lane

Wish kid Braxton
When Brian and Cindy moved to Arizona, Cindy knew right away she would find a way to get involved in the community.

“Cindy was always the one to go out and volunteer,” said Brian. “I knew a little about Make-A-Wish and I went to the volunteer orientation because she was going, but I didn’t know that this organization was about to become a huge part of my life.”

“We really felt like Make-A-Wish Arizona was the right fit,” Cindy continued. “At first, I was a little nervous, but all the wish kids we’ve worked with are phenomenal. The families are always so grateful and appreciative.”

Brian and Cindy officially have granted one wish, but it was such a great experience, they quickly signed up for 15 more.

Wish kid Brianna

“Our first wish kid Brianna just returned from her wish to meet her favorite band and it was fun to see her wish happen after getting to know her and being a part of this process,” said Cindy. They both agree that the first wish they granted together will always hold a special place in their hearts but that they are ready for more fun.

“One of our newer wish kids, Emma, loves to read,” she continued.  “We brought a book to our initial visit and immediately connected, since we both love reading, too. Her wish is to go to the beach and a luau in Hawaii, but she still has a way to go with treatment. To keep Emma excited about her wish, we recently visited her in the hospital and brought her new books to cheer her up.”

Wish kid Emma

But it’s not only the wish kids who hold a special place in Brian and Cindy’s hearts.

“One family we are working with has 12 foster children, one who is a wish kid, and they keep telling us they can’t believe this is happening,” said Brian. “The parents are so grateful, so excited. They also have three biological children and said Make-A-Wish is giving them something that they would never be able to do for the kids on their own.”

Cindy and Brian agree that wishes give families both hope and something they can look forward to. “Make-A-Wish is changing lives with these wishes. It can give the wish child strength to continue through tough situations. This gives us as volunteers even more of a drive to get these wishes granted.”

“We just feel so blessed to be a part of Make-A-Wish Arizona. In addition to volunteering, we have found other ways to get involved and help,” shared Cindy and Brian, who are getting married soon and instead of wedding gifts, they are asking for guests to donate to Make-A-Wish Arizona.

“It’s not about how far you throw the rock but how far the ripples go,” they continued. “If we could have one wish, it would be to somehow win the lottery or become wealthy, so we could grant wishes all the time.”

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With many of our wishes postponed, we want you to help keep our wish kids’ spirits high! Write, video or photograph yourself sharing a message of hope and post to any of our Make-A-Wish Arizona social media channels at @makeawishaz (tag @makeawisharizona on Instagram) and use the hashtag #WishesAreWaiting.

You can help bring hope to a child who needs it!

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Make-A-Wish Arizona is the founding chapter of Make-A-Wish, the international wish granting organization. Our chapter grants incredible wishes every day for Arizona children with critical illnesses. We want to share the stories of our wishes -- and the inspiration, creativity, imagination and life-affirming enthusiasm that they bring -- with you.

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