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Volunteer for more than 20 years helps kids create joyous memories

Ed Wetzel has been volunteering and working with Make-A-Wish for more than 20 years.
“These wish experiences have let me know how much goodness there is in the world.”

Ed Wetzel has been volunteering and working with Make-A-Wish for more than 20 years.

“The experiences I have had with these kids and their families has been rewarding and life altering,” said Ed, who worked for a chapter in Nevada for several years before he moved to Arizona and started volunteering with Make-A-Wish Arizona. “Each year, Make-A-Wish has grown bigger and better than ever before.” 

“The element of strength and joy that I get to bring to kids and families when they need it helps them and me, too,” he continued.

Ed said that one of the main changes he has seen through the volunteer sector over the years is that there is less administrative work and more time with the wish kids themselves and their families. This change has been beneficial for Ed, as he believes that helping wish kids create joyous memories is the most important part of being a wish granter volunteer. 

Ed also has seen how a wish can give a child the desire to fight when going through their critical illness. 

“The most valuable lesson I have learned is how beautiful the human spirit is and how special these kids really are,” he said. “Make-A-Wish Arizona is a community of love, from the volunteers to the staff to the families and the community.” 

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With many of our wishes postponed, we want you to help keep our wish kids’ spirits high! Write, video or photograph yourself sharing a message of hope and post to any of our Make-A-Wish Arizona social media channels at @makeawishaz (tag @makeawisharizona on Instagram) and use the hashtag #WishesAreWaiting.

You can help bring hope to a child who needs it!

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Make-A-Wish Arizona is the founding chapter of Make-A-Wish, the international wish granting organization. Our chapter grants incredible wishes every day for Arizona children with critical illnesses. We want to share the stories of our wishes -- and the inspiration, creativity, imagination and life-affirming enthusiasm that they bring -- with you.

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