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How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Make-A-Wish Arizona, we are so excited that you want to help grant wishes!

**Right now, we have a HUGE NEED for volunteers especially in the Tucson area and cities in Southern Arizona**

To become a volunteer, please complete the six steps below or email us at if you have any questions along the way.

STEP ONE: Create a volunteer profile in the Wish & Volunteer Center

Sign up to volunteer here!

All Make-A-Wish Arizona volunteers utilize our Wish & Volunteer Center. Prospective volunteers must create a new profile to begin the application process.

STEP TWO: Register and attend the online volunteer orientation in Make-A-Wish University

Once prospective volunteers create their online profile, they must enroll and complete the Volunteer Orientation Learning Path in Make-A-Wish University. This free e-learning path includes two 20 minute self-guided courses designed to introduce prospective volunteers to the history, vision and value of Make-A-Wish as well as their various roles at Make-A-Wish.

STEP THREE: Complete a volunteer application

Log in to the Wish & Volunteer Center to complete a volunteer application. After the application is submitted, a staff member will be in touch to schedule an in-person screening interview. 

STEP FOUR: Attend a screening interview

All volunteer applications are reviewed by our Volunteer Screening Team. All volunteer positions require a brief interview with our Volunteer Screening Team to ensure a suitable fit for the volunteer role. Interviews are held the second Saturday of every month at the Parsons Wish House in Scottsdale. Please reserve a future Saturday in anticipation of this interview. Prospective volunteers outside the metro Phoenix area will be contacted with upcoming screening interview dates in their region. Interviews may be conducted in person, via web video conferencing or teleconference. 

STEP FIVE: Criminal background check

Due to the nature of our work, select volunteer positions require the successful completion of a criminal background check every three years. Make-A-Wish Arizona does not employ or utilize as a volunteer any individual who has been convicted of a crime that (a) victimizes children, (b) is sexual in nature, or (c) involves violence, fraud, or significant theft. Please contact us at with any questions related to past convictions and/or our background screening process.

STEP SIX: Attend an in-depth training

Certain volunteer roles require an in-depth training prior to becoming a volunteer. Trainings for all wish granters MUST be done in person. Trainings for other roles may be conducted via web conference, Skype, FaceTime or other virtual methods. Attendance for the entire duration of the the training is required. The dates and locations of these trainings are sent to qualified applicants. 

STEP SEVEN: Get involved!

Qualified volunteers have access to upcoming opportunities for which they are certified in the Wish and Volunteer Center. Volunteers should routinely check the Wish and Volunteer Center as volunteer opportunities are continuously added. Volunteers who would like to become certified in additional volunteer roles should self-enroll in the available training opportunities pertaining to those roles or contact the Volunteer Services Team at


Our Volunteer Services Team is happy to answer any questions you may have. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us at

Oportunidades de voluntariado

En Español:

El voluntariado es una gran manera de ayudar.

Lo invitamos a compartir el poder de un deseo (wish®), ya sea unas cuantas horas al mes o unos cuantos días al año.

Siempre tenemos una necesidad de más voluntarios bilingües. 

Para más información:

Oportunidades de voluntariado

Become a Volunteer!

For more information on how to get involved with Make-A-Wish® Arizona, please contact:

Sawyer Kilen

Volunteer Manager (statewide)

Direct: 602.343.9453
Toll-Free: 1.800.324.9474
Fax: 602.395.0722

Volunteer Opportunities

Sammy , 8


I wish to have my own LEGO bedroom

"I'm so happy I will have this room forever" - Sammy's new LEGO bedroom
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