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Alisa's wish becomes a source of strength for her and her family

  • Alisa wished to go to Walt Disney World to meet her favorite character, Tinkerbell.

  • When Alisa finally came face-to-face with Tinkerbell, she was speechless.

  • Alisa hangs out with Mickey and Minnie at Walt Disney World.

  • Alisa actually screamed with excitement when she saw The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

  • Alisa's family said she was a bundle of energy and excitement throughout her entire wish.

“ We cried because we knew how much that moment meant to our daughter. ”

- Mike, Alisa's father

Riding The Flight of Peter Pan, Alisa shouted at the top of her lungs:
"I believe in you, Tinkerbell, I believe!"

"My wife and I just cried, because we knew how much that one moment meant to our daughter," said Mike, Alisa's father.

From the moment Alisa met her wish granters to day she returned home from her wish - to go to the Walt Disney World resorts - Alisa was a bundle of energy and excitement.

“The joy on our family’s faces couldn’t be masked as we drove to the airport ready to share this adventure with Alisa,” said Mike Alisa’s father.

While her family waited to board their flight, Alisa didn’t hesitate to tell people about her wish trip and all the fun she would have at Universal Studios, Walt Disney World resorts and SeaWorld!

She nearly drove her 13-year-old sister, Alena, and 11-year-old brother, Adam, crazy, she just couldn’t wait to start her trip!

As soon as her family arrived, Alisa and her family went to a different amusement park every day, sometimes visiting two parks in one day. Alisa actually squealed with excitement when she saw The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the first time.

“Alisa was so passionate and energetic about everything that she wore herself out to exhaustion!” Mike said.

Yet, nothing could compare to Alisa meeting Tinkerbell.

“When she finally came face-to-face with Tinkerbell, she was speechless,” said Mike. “But, with some prompting from Tinkerbell, soon Alisa was talking a mile a minute telling Tink how much she loved her, and all about her Tinkerbell room, back at home.”

Throughout their experience, Alisa’s family was most touched by the way she was treated as a wish kid - not just by the park and resort employees, but by other wish families.

“Two female employees working a souvenir cart noticed Alisa’s wish kid t-shirt and one girl pulled me aside to tell me her brother was a wish kid,” said Mike. “Both employees insisted on using their employee discount to buy Alisa a magic wand. I was so touched, I started to cry. Not about the discount but about connecting with another person who recognized the struggles and challenges we face each day.”

After returning home, Alisa’s family continues to express their gratitude for her wish experience.

“Our lives were truly blessed during Alisa’s wish,” said Mike. “We all had an opportunity to forget about doctor’s appointments, shots and test procedures and focus solely on our family. She found strength from her happiness, and she was able to feel well physically, and live life almost like a normal kid, for those few days.”

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