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Jonathan's big Hawaiian adventure is the perfect way to stay positive

  • Jonathan had fun deep-sea fishing on his wish to go to Hawaii.

  • Jonathan went to a Hawaiian luau and became a "bug researcher."

“ I became a bug researcher, it was my favorite part! ”

- Jonathan

Jonathan, 8, has been struggling with his metabolic disorder since birth. Although he endures many difficulties, he has always kept a positive mindset.

He still has really hard days, but when Make-A-Wish Arizona came into his life, those hard days became fewer. Jonathan knew his one true wish right away.

“I wish to go to Hawaii!” said Johnathan with excitement.

Jonathan, who grew up watching videos of his grandfather on the Hawaiian Islands and hearing his grandfather’s stories, couldn’t wait to experience Hawaii for himself.

As soon as he found out his wish would be granted, Jonathan started making a list of everything he wanted to do in Hawaii and planned how he would spend his time. It was the perfect way to keep him thinking positive.

Make-A-Wish Arizona and Make-A-Wish Hawaii collaborated to create an incredible adventure for Jonathan.

He went deep-sea fishing in the island’s crystal blue waters. He also attended luaus, a Hawaiian tradition, as part of his relaxing getaway. 

In addition to his fun in the sun, Make-A-Wish included a special adventure just for Jonathan.

“I became a bug researcher!” said Jonathan. “It was my favorite part!”

The bug-lover received a tour of the University of Hawaii Entomology Department provided by the department head, Dr. Marshall Johnson. Together, Jonathan and Dr. Johnson visited the research labs and watched the entomologists, the men Jonathan called “bug researchers,” at work. 

“I went digging with the scientists and learned the different ways to collect bugs,” Jonathan said.

They even had the chance to visit an insect farm, which Jonathan loved - although it wasn’t as much of a hit for his mom and sister!

At the end of Jonathan’s Hawaiian adventure, the researchers gifted him a wooden case and let him pick out the bugs he wanted. Jonathan was so excited he carried it on the plane so he could show his wish granters at the airport!

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