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Josh lives his dream in Hawaii after falling in love with the ocean

  • Josh is now a photographer in Hawaii

  • Josh on his wish in 2007

  • Josh is now in remission for his cancer

  • Josh on his wish in 2007

  • Josh now only has to go for onocology check ups every 5 years

“ I swam with dolphins on my wish and the interactions I had with them had a big impact on my life. ”

- Josh

In 2007 Josh’s wish to go on a Caribbean cruise was granted. 12 years later, Josh fulfills his sense of adventure every day doing what he loves, working with marine life in Hawaii.

“My wish made me fall in love with the ocean,” said Josh, who is now 25 years old.

“I grew up in Arizona, and aside from a few beach trips to California, I didn’t have much knowledge about marine life when I was a kid,” he continued. “I swam with dolphins on my wish and the interactions I had with them had a big impact on my life.” 

Today, Josh works for a business that takes guests to swim with dolphins in the wild. After he photographs the guests swimming with dolphins, Josh will take them snorkeling and whale watching during the season.

“I try to spend as much time in the ocean as I can,” he said. “Once you surround yourself and see the stuff you see, and have the interaction with the wild animals, you grow to love it. Now, I don’t think I could live without the ocean next to me in some aspect.”

As if swimming with dolphins and whales isn’t adventurous enough, Josh recently spotted and swam with a massive great white shark off the coast of Hawaii.

“Everyone assumed it was Deep Blue, who is thought to be the largest shark on the planet and was spotted in the area a few days earlier,” said Josh. “It wasn’t Deep Blue, but this shark was about the same size!”

Looking back on the last decade, Josh, who studied photography, graphic design and film at Grand Canyon University, is so happy with his choice to move to Hawaii.

“After having cancer, I realized how precious life is and how limited our time on this earth is. I knew I wanted to live an adventurous life doing the things I love with the people that I love. Hawaii is an amazing outlet for things like that. We have some of the most beautiful oceans in the world right here in our backyard!”

Josh is now in remission for his cancer and doing great health-wise. He usually spends his time hiking, free-diving and surfing and after going every year for oncology check-ups, he now only needs to go every five years.

“If I knew what I know now, I would have studied marine biology, but it just goes to show you that anything is possible if you really want to do something,” Josh said.

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