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The power of a wish: Kaylee is happy and healthy during wish trip

  • Kaylee didn't have one seizure during her six-day wish experience.

  • Kaylee loved meeting her favorite Disney characters during her wish.

  • Snow White spent the day with Kaylee and read her a fairytale story.

“ Kaylee did not have one seizure during her entire wish experience. ”

- Kaylee's parents

Kaylee is a five-year-old girl who loves going on new adventures. Those adventures were halted at the age of three when she was diagnosed with a life-threatening neurological disorder that causes Kaylee to seize, sometimes up to 100 times a day.

Yet, her sense of adventure peaked when she found out she qualified for a wish experience. Her one true wish?

“I wish to meet Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and Snow White at Disneyland!” Kaylee said.

After months of planning her wish, Kaylee was ecstatic to finally meet her favorite Disney characters. She couldn’t wait to board the plane to California with her family, including her four-year-old brother, Joshua.

They spent the first of six days exploring the park and meeting characters.

As soon as Kaylee saw Disney princess, Snow White, she ran up to meet her. Snow White noticed Kaylee was a wish kid, and made the experience even more special by spending the day with Kaylee, introducing her to other characters and even taking time to read her a fairytale story.

Kaylee and her family never had to wait in a single line for any of the rides, and Kaylee went on Peter Pan, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and It’s A Small World multiple times in a row because those are her favorites.

The family enjoyed eating dinner and recapping their exciting day at Medieval Times.

“Kaylee loved the horses and eating with her hands,” said Kaylee’s parents. “She screamed, cheered and even booed the knights!”

When Kaylee’s family returned home, her parents said they had never seen Kaylee so mesmerized.

“We’ve never experienced Kaylee the way she was on her wish,” they said. “This wish experience brought hope and joy not only to Kaylee, but to our whole family. What was even more amazing? During Kaylee’s entire six-day adventure, she did not have one seizure. Talk about the power of a wish!”

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