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Community gathers to help 4-year-old Ezra's superhero wish come true

“ It's MY wish day! ”

- Ezra, 4

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It was a fall day like any other in Phoenix. A beautiful 86 degrees, with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky. Never could the people of the city know that dastardly villains were on the prowl to fight a battle of fun and spirit with Ezra, Make-A-Wish Arizona's intrepid superhero wish kid.

Ezra's Saturday started out like any other with cartoons and cereal, but his afternoon was the adventure of a lifetime thanks to a community of hundreds who came together to make his 'I wish to be a superhero' the most amazing day of his life.

It all began when Ezra was picked up for his wish day in the limo. But it was not just any limo, it was the Wayne Industries limo as provided by Charles Keller, a local Phoenix resident who has not only re-created the cave of the 1960s television classic, but also has multiple cars, motorcycles and more in his garage. 

Ezra's limo took him to Phoenix Fire Department Station 23, where he was greeted by the station crew, as well as members of the Torch Theatre troupe, who were on site to take little Ezra and his friends through superhero training. 

"What day is it today?" one of the actors inquired.

"It's my wish day, it's my wish day," Ezra screamed as he jumped up and down, anxious to start down the road to being his favorite superhero. As his training began, Ezra couldn't help himself, and ran over to his mom and dad, waiting on the side of the training, "It's my wish day." he told them again, his eyes shining with delight before he ran back over to join his friends.

Training was rigorous for Ezra and his fellow crime-fighters. The Torch Theatre group taught him how to stand like a superhero, how to do special superhero punches and then encouraged them each to find their secret power word. Ezra's word? "BATS!" of course!

Then it was back to the limo, which took our hero and his family over to the special cave, where Charles and his team was waiting. Here, Ezra found out that not only did he get to push the button to the secret fireman poles, but he was able to push the button to every machine in the place. He turned on lights, watched graphs that glowed, climbed inside and out of the Parachute van that stored the car's parachutes after use. Yet, this was not all!

As the crowd of family and friends to support Ezra grew, the cave received a special message ~ villains were on the loose and a superhero was needed ASAP!

"Let's go," Ezra screamed. And soon he was changed into his superhero costume, his father Ken joining in on the fun by dressing as a sidekick. Down the pole and into the superhero car they jumped before racing off to Tempe Diablo Stadium, where Ezra's first enemy had tied up poor Baxter, the Arizona Diamondback's mascot.

Bang! Pow! It took Ezra only a couple of minutes to bring down the villain, using all his strength, the days of chemotherapy and surgeries long forgotten as he tied up his foe and saved his new best friend Baxter. But there were more villains to beat and off Ezra ran, finding that the second villain had kidnapped and tied a whole troop of Brownies on the steps of the stadium. More than 200 people lined the steps of the stadium and cheered as once again, Ezra saved the day! 

The fun was not over! Ezra soon found out that his mother, Carla, had been taken by the third villain to a bounce house jail back at the cave. "We have to hurry and get my mom," he shouted to his sidekick and off they went, returning to the cave so that Ezra could again practice his superhero fighting skills against the worst villain of all! 

"Give me my mom," he said as he beat the villain down! "Do what I say!"

The villain listened and soon mom, dad and Superhero Ezra were reunited to celebrate with all the family and friends in the ave (and in the bouncy house!).

Yet, with all this excitement, Ezra's wish was still not over. In fact, there was a special surprise at the end ~ Charles gave Ezra his very own keys to the special car with the promise that the Arizona wish kid could drive the car himself as soon as he received his license! 

"Look, I have the keys," said Ezra. "Let's go and save somebody cuz it's my wish day!"

Our thanks to Charles Keller and the Wayne Industries supporting players, as well as Phoenix Fire Department, Phoenix Police Department (for the police escort), the Arizona Diamondback's Baxter mascot, the Arizona Cardinals Fredbird mascot, the Phoenix Coyotes Howler mascot, the Torch Theatre and all the members of the community that helped to make Ezra's wish come true.





  • A crowd gathers to watch Ezra's wish

  • Ezra and some real superheros, Phoenix Fire Engine 23

  • Ezra received a helmet from Engine 23

  • Ezra and his team get superhero training from the Torch Theater actors

  • Ezra, 4, learns to tie up villains

  • Ezra claims "It's my wish day"

  • Ezra, 4, I'm Batman!

  • Batman and Robin with driver Charles, the owner of the Batmobile

  • Ezra, 4, and his dad Ken in the Batmobile

  • Baxter cheers after Batman saved him

  • Ezra takes down the joker to save the Brownies

  • Batman and Robin get ready to make their entrance

  • Batman arrives to save the day

  • Batman with all the villians he beat on wish day

  • Ezra, 4, practices his superhero pose

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