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Jayne's wish helps her pursue dream of becoming a fashion designer

  • Jayne's designs are inspired by floral aesthetics, featuring bright colors.

  • Jayne worked with local designers to create a "look book" of her sketches and fabrics.

  • Paul Johnson Jewelers gave Jayne a custom necklace and bracelet to wear at Wish Ball.

  • Jayne had a casting call and photo shoot for models before debuting her designs.

  • Jayne and her mom, Meg, at the Make-A-Wish Arizona Wish Ball.

  • Wish kids Jayne, Gaby, Buddy, Elizabeth and Hunter with Wish Ball emcee Mark Curtis.

  • Bobby D. auctioned off Jayne's gowns during the Wish Ball live auction.

  • Jayne's dresses sold for $8,000! Proceeds will help grant a child's future wish.

“ There was always something inside Jayne no matter what she endured - her love for fashion. ”

- Meg, Jayne's mom

Jayne, 13, has epilepsy, which causes her to undergo severe seizures. At times, it exhausts her spirits, and makes it hard for her to stay positive.

“Jayne’s epilepsy affected her and our family in many ways over the past four years," said Meg, Jayne’s mother. "When her seizures started, they were incredibly difficult to control and quickly became debilitating. Watching your child suffer is the worst feeling in the world. Almost every day for three years it took all the energy I had to just try to get Jayne through the day without a seizure. Some days we were lucky, most days we weren’t.” 

“There was something that always was inside Jayne no matter what she endured,” Meg continued. “And that was a love for fashion.”

Jayne has loved fashion her entire life. 

Since kindergarten, she has enjoyed creating and designing outfits, jewelry and even home goods. Over time her passion just continued to grow, so when Make-A-Wish Arizona asked her what her one wish was, her answer was runway ready.

“I wish to be a fashion designer!” said Jayne. “It’s something I’ve always dreamed about becoming.”

Jayne, who loves helping others, also wished to give back as a part of her wish. So with some brainstorming, Make-A-Wish Arizona decided to showcase Jayne’s dress designs at the annual Wish Ball as part of the event’s live auction.

Jayne’s team got right to work on turning her into a fashion designer.

“I really want to have a career in fashion design," said Jayne. "I have been taking sewing classes for a few years and have been drawing gowns and evening wear since I was five, but I didn’t know how I would get from sketching my ideas to actually becoming a successful designer. Now I have a plan!"

The first step was for Jayne to design her line of work. She prepared sketches of gowns with all different expressions and details.

“Some of the sketches I had beforehand, and some I came up with that were brand new,” said Jayne.

Each of Jayne’s gowns captured her unique style with bright colors and floral aesthetics. She also included A-lines, ruffles and lace in her gowns.

Many members of the community helped connect local designers to the wish team to make her wish a reality. One of her designs was made just for her by the VIP Global Design Showcase and Jayne worked with local designers Natasha Duran Lynch and Esteban Osuna, creating a “look book” featuring her designs and selecting fabrics.

“Each dress is different, so I was really excited to show off my designs!” said Jayne. “I will never forget the feelings I had when I saw my first gown come to life.” 

As part of the wish for Wish Ball, Jayne also selected accessories and models during a casting call for the event.  

“I had no idea what really went into creating a fashion line and working on my wish exposed me to so many aspects of design and production. It’s a lot of hard work, but I liked being in charge and working with other designers,” said Jayne. “I was able to go to places like the Art Institute of Tucson, SAS to buy fabric, and Paul Johnson Jewelers to customize my own personal necklace and bracelet.”

At Wish Ball, attendees viewed Jayne’s four original designs before people started some very eager bidding at the auction. When the smoke had cleared, Jayne raised $8,000 for future wish kids through her designs.  

“I can’t believe it,” said Jayne. “I’m so glad they liked my dresses and are helping all the wish kids like me.”

“Everything Make-A-Wish Arizona has done to make my wish happen has taken me one step closer to my dream career of being a fashion designer. It is truly the ultimate wish!”

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