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Kyle, 5, joins the team as an Arizona Diamondbacks player for a day

Kyle with his new Arizona Diamondbacks teammates

“ I was not even nervous, because I was on the team ”

- Kyle, 5

Kyle, 6, is more than a sports fan — he’s a sports fanatic.

He’s fanatic about his hometown Major League Baseball team, the Arizona Diamondbacks. He’s fanatic about his own baseball team in the Arizona Miracle League, also the Diamondbacks, where he regularly hits home runs before wheeling around the bases in his wheelchair, a requirement since he was diagnoses at age 1 with spinal muscular atrophy.

Yet, his life-threatening medical condition never brings Kyle down. His sunny, can-do attitude was on display when he was approached by two of his favorite players, shortstop Willie Bloomquist and centerfielder Adam Eaton, at a Miracle League game so they could “sign him” to the team.

Why? Because Kyle’s wish was to be a “real” Arizona Diamondback baseball player, and nothing else would do.

“I understand have a big wish, that you want to be a real baseball player for the Diamondbacks,” asked Bloomquist. “Will you come be a part of our team?”

On Kyle’s wish day, the Diamondbacks went all out – outfitting Kyle with his own jersey and team locker at Chase Field. His locker came complete with bats, hats, gloves and t-shirts, even his own bobblehead. He was able to practice hitting with first baseman Paul Goldschmidt and second baseman Aaron Hill at the Sandlot and “struck out” third baseman Martin Prado during some practice swings. After a full day of practice, Kyle ended his day as No. 5 on the Diamondback’s roster by throwing out the ceremonial first pitch of the game.

“I was not even nervous, because I was on the team,” said Kyle. And that all Kyle ever wished for.

You can see Kyle’s complete story at online at ESPN as part of the “My Wish” series


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