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Alex, 14, experiences his first trip away from his hospital bed

Alexander and his family enjoy Disneyland.

“ One trip to Disneyland® made a world of difference for Alex. ”

Even though he’s blind and terribly sick, Alex is so brave and incredibly kind. He has a joyful glow about him that just draws people in. Alex’s wish was a lifeline of hope…the promise of a much needed break where he could just be a boy.

In November 2010, Alex had his wish come true and his mother, step-father and sister all joined him on a magical Disneyland® adventure.  And that experience was life transforming.

“Make-A-Wish® Arizona healed my family with that trip. I went to California with a child who was so ill. I came back with a completely different kid and a whole new outlook on life!”

Tamera will never forget Alex’s first roller coaster ride. After many twists and turns and dives, Alex grinned from ear to ear with joy written all over his face. And after that, Alex went on to ride every roller coaster in the park.

Then, at the end of a very long and exciting day, Tamera heard someone shouting above the crowds. She stopped in her tracks when she saw that it was Alex. He suddenly shouted, “Hey!  Hey, Momma!” Tamera couldn’t believe it. Her son finally spoke to her for the first time, he finally called her ‘Momma’. Can you imagine the joy that ran through her heart at hearing those words?

“He’s been talking up a storm ever since” says Tamera with much emotion. “He’s always singing or humming. He even puts his hand on my mouth to figure out how to make the sounds.

"Make-A-Wish® was more than a dream come true. It was life-changing. Now he lives every second to the fullest,” says Mom.  “If I could make another child’s wish come true and affect their life like my son't wish affected his life, that would make me truly happy.”

Make-A-Wish® was more than a dream come true. It was life-changing. Now he lives every second to the fullest. ”

— Alex's mom Tamera

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