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Adaya's wish to meet Disney princesses is the first trip for her family

  • Adaya was able to bring her family on her wish to go to Disneyland.

  • Before taking off, the pilot gave Adaya a tour of the plane and even let her play with the speaker.

  • Adaya received a princess makeover from head to toe.

  • Adaya liked the limo ride a little bit more than big-kid rides like Splash Mountain.

  • Adaya traveled with her mom and three sisters to Disneyland.

“ It was a great joy and healing of happiness for not only her, but for all of us. ”

- Monica, Adaya's mom

When Adaya was just three years old, her family received some shocking news. Adaya had lymphoid leukemia. Her family started her in treatment and tried their best to think positive thoughts but it was tough. At age 7, she was referred to Make-A-Wish Arizona.

To decide on your one true wish may be a challenge to most people, but Adaya knew what her wish would be from her first meeting with her Make-A-Wish Arizona wish granters.

“I wish to go to Disneyland!” Adaya said.

Adaya dreamed of visiting with all of her favorite princesses, and spending the day with her mom and three sisters to experience that one-of-a-kind Disney magic. After countless days in the hospital and months of treatment, Adaya’s wish was granted.

On the day of Adaya’s wish, she couldn’t believe it was actually happening. 

“She kept asking why we were packing because she was in disbelief that we were really going!” said Monica, Adaya’s mom.

Her wish was even more special when Adaya and her whole family found out they were not only going to Disneyland, but also to Disney’s California Adventure, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Universal Studios.

It was Adaya’s first time visiting everything, which made the trip that much more unforgettable. Even the little things, like transportation, were so much fun for her.

“She loved the flight and the limo ride! Before the plane took off, our pilot even gave her a special tour and let her play with the speaker,” said Monica.

When her family arrived at Disneyland, Adaya was able to seek out and meet all her favorite princesses in the park. Make-A-Wish Arizona also set up a special meet and greet with Disney characters Elsa and Ana at a boutique in Downtown Disney.

“They surprised her with a princess makeover, dressing her up head to toe as a princess with everything from makeup to her own tiara!” Monica said.

According to Adaya, her favorite parts of the day included going on rides like The Little Mermaid in Disney’s California Adventure, picking out souvenirs, and of course, eating tons of churros! 

They also had a remarkable day at Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios.

Monica told us about Adaya’s obsession with Minions and that she can quote the entire movie Despicable Me, so they were delighted Universal was part of the trip.

“It was so much fun!” said Adaya. “Minions, Minions, MINIONS!”

Adaya loved every second so much she told her mom, “I don’t want to leave; I want to stay here forever!”

As soon as they returned home, Adaya’s mother raved about their wish granters and the whole Make-A-Wish Arizona experience.

“It was a healing for us all; we went through so much together with Adaya. I'm a single mom and my oldest at the time has helped me so much with taking care of Adaya, so Make-A-Wish Arizona granting Adaya’s wish and including the entire family really increased the happiness of that week.”

Monica admits that battling through Adaya’s leukemia has been difficult, but she tells her friends about the power of a wish to this day. 

“She was such a strong little princess warrior through the whole process,” said Monica. “Her wish gave her a break to receive the joy she deserved. It was an experience we will never forget.”

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