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Angel enjoys quality time with his family, and his favorite characters

Angel, 10, and his family enjoyed all the parks of Orlando on his wish trip

“ Everyone made me feel so special. ”

- Angel, wish kid

Angel is a super happy kid. He loves his family, he loves to giggle and he loves all kinds of Disney characters.

It was the characters who were the focus of his wish to go to Walt Disney World. Yet it was the rides that turned out to be his best memories. 

“We went on all the rides all the time and had a Genie Pass that took me right to the front every time,” said Angel. “I thought my wish would be just one place, but it was three places and it was so cool.” 

Angel can tell you about the Avatar ride (they went on it three times), the Animal Kingdom rides (they were fun) and the Disney Hotel ride (the Tower of Terror). Bu the best was the Star Wars ride. 

“It was crazy, like we were on the Millennium Falcon and in a moment you are up in space,” said Angel. “And I liked the ride with Rey from Star Wars too. It was so cool. And then we went shopping in the gift shop.”

Angel did get to meet his characters – like Mickey Mouse, Chip-n-Dale, and Goofy. 

“We saw them in the park and all in the parade,” said Angel. 

Angel also enjoyed Give Kids the World, where he and his family stayed in a home, “not a hotel” and spent their evenings in the game room, the arcade, the bowling alley and playing air hockey. 

Angel and his family also enjoyed a day at Universal Studios and SeaWorld. In SeaWorld, he pet the stingrays, and then hit up the gift shop so he could purchase a stuffed stingray as a reminder. 

“Everyone made me feel so special,” said Angel. “They let me on the rides again and again and they were always asking me what I needed or wanted. It was great.”

He and his family took lots of pictures but he doesn’t think he will ever forget his wish trip. 

“I didn’t know what it would be like but it was everything I wished for for sure,” said Angel.

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