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Aubrie's wish is a celebration of being cancer free

  • Aubrie enjoyed every second of her trip.

  • Her family enjoyed seeing turtles and colorful fish.

  • Aubrie, 15, visited the smaller islands and spent time with loved ones.

“ I couldn’t believe my wish was happening, I was so happy and completely excited! ”

- Aubrie

When 15-year-old Aubrie was diagnosed with cancer, her treatments and medical tests were rough on her. Yet, soon she found inspiration when she was approved for a wish through Make-A-Wish Arizona.

Growing up, Aubrey had heard of Make-A-Wish but, to her knowledge at the time, “I thought it was just for kids who were going to pass away.”

It was only after Aubrie received a diagnosis of cancer and started treatments that her physicians encouraged her to apply for a wish.

“They told me that many wish kids with my kind of cancer received wishes and that it was meant to bring me hope, not make me feel sad,” said Aubrie.

Aubrie wished to go to the island of Moorea, an island that is part of French Polynesia.

Her parents suggested she have some back up ideas, in case the chapter would not grant a wish that was so remote, so far away.

Nonetheless, Make-A-Wish Arizona came through to create an adventure Aubrie and her family will never forget.

 “I couldn’t believe they were making my wish happen, I was so happy and completely excited!” Aubrie said, when asked about her initial reaction at her reveal party.

Once reaching the island, Aubrie and her family had several fun things planned for their wish: a boat ride to see the sting rays and sharks; visiting the smaller islands; swimming and see all the colorful fish; and, walking and relaxing on the beach.

Aubrie loved every second of her trip, from seeing the waterfalls, to the various animals and finally, to spending more time with her loved ones.  

“The wish made me feel free and incredibly special,” said Aubrie when talking about how the experience impacted her. “It was like a celebration of being cancer free.”


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