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Blake, 11, wishes to have a new and exciting adventure of his own

  • Blake loves adventure which is why he wished to go to Walt Disney World!

  • Blake and his family enjoying the ocean on his wish to Walt Disney World!

  • Chewbacca was one of Blake's favorite characters he met on his wish.

  • Blake loved seeing all of the characters on his wish to Walt Disney World.

  • Blake loved the Jurassic Park World the most, and seeing some of the velociraptors up close!

  • Blake became a big fan of Spiderman after his trip and riding the Spiderman ride.

  • Blake and his family went on a boat ride while they were on his wish.

“ It was the best vacation we will ever have! ”

- Blake’s mom, Samantha

Blake, like many other 11-year-old boys, loves superheroes, action movies and has a big sense of adventure. But when Blake was diagnosed with cancer, his life took a challenging turn.

“He had to get blood transfusions every week, then we he needed a bone marrow transplant,” said Blake’s mom, Samantha. “Everything happened so fast, and within a few months, Blake’s uncle reached out to Make-A-Wish Arizona.”

Adventure was introduced back into Blake’s life when he learned he qualified for a wish. Blake, who loves Star Wars and fast rides, wished to visit Walt Disney World with his family so he could have a new adventure of his own.

“Our family waited until Blake was healthy enough to fully enjoy his one true wish and make sure it was fun for everyone,” said Samantha. “And soon enough, we were headed for an awesome week in Walt Disney World!”

Blake’s family arrived at Give Kids the World in Florida, where they would be staying for the next week, and Blake was already having a great time on his wish before they even went to the park.

“We got to meet Bunny Clayton, the Mayor of the Village!” said Blake. “I went to his birthday party, had a dance party with him and played in a giant arcade. It was awesome!”

The next day, when it was time to go to Walt Disney World, Blake had tons of fun experiencing everything for the first time.

“I really liked riding on Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad and seeing all of the characters like Mickey Mouse, Beauty and the Beast, and Goofy,” said Blake. “Oh, and Chewbacca! I forgot all about how cool he was!” he said with excitement.

But one of the most special moments during Blake’s wish was meeting one of his favorite characters from his all-time favorite movie, Star Wars!

“I went into a private room that looked like a Star Wars museum and met Kylo Ren,” said Blake, “He was pretty intimidating but I wasn’t scared because I had to be brave for my little brother!”

The next day, there was one very special surprise in store for Blake and his family. They found out they weren’t just going to Walt Disney World, they would be going to Universal Studios, too!

Blake loved the Jurassic Park World the most, and seeing some of the velociraptors up close.

“They broke out of their cages and one came up and was sniffing me!” he said, even offering some wisdom for your next dinosaur encounter. “There’s one thing you need to know about velociraptors, whatever you do, when they are close to your eyes don’t look at them and they won’t attack you! Pretty cool, huh?”

And Blake also came to love some new characters during his trip.

“I rode on an awesome Spiderman ride and now I am a huge fan of Spiderman,” he said. “I even got to take a picture with him!”

After several exciting days at the theme parks, Blake and his family drove out to a swamp and were able to see some Florida wildlife while they were there.

"We went on a boat ride to an island in the middle of a swamp and saw an armadillo! It stayed in its shell so it reminded me of a bowling ball,” he said.

Now, Blake’s family is back from their trip and he still talks about his wish and how much fun it was.

“What a cool wish!” he said. “I loved going with my family and I had an awesome time!”

“It was the best vacation we will ever have!” Samantha added.

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