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5-year-old Brody's wish to Hawaii comes at the perfect time

  • Brody's favorite part of his wish was kissing and high-fiving a dolphin.

  • Brody had the time of his life and experienced things he always wished to do during his trip.

  • Brody was able to take his family on his wish trip, including his mom, dad and brother.

  • Brody, his dad, and his brother, Casey, pose with their new boogie boards.

  • Brody, who had a 50 percent chance of survival, celebrated being cancer-free in April 2013.

  • Sara said both of her sons were constantly smiling and laughing throughout the wish trip.

  • Brody called himself "The King" for the whole week because he was treated like royalty.

“ Make-A-Wish Arizona helped Brody during the hardest point of his life ”

- Sara, Brody's mom

At just 3 years old, Brody and his family received some frightening news -- he had Stage IV Neuroblastoma cancer. A difficult diagnosis, his physicians told the family that his diagnosis had only a 50 percent chance of survival.

“It was the toughest time of our life,” said his mom, Sara. “Seeing your child go through more pain and suffering than you have had in your entire life is horrible to watch. Knowing there's only so much you can do to comfort them, it’s heartbreaking.”

When Make-A-Wish Arizona came into their lives, Sara described their experience as an “amazing gift.”  

“Our family has worked very hard for everything we have and rarely do you have an opportunity, a gift of this significance, handed to you,” said Sara. “Make-A-Wish Arizona stepped in to help Brody during the hardest point of his life and actually helped us all.”

Brody’s one true wish – to go to Hawaii – was exactly what he needed at the time he needed it most.

“Make-A-Wish Arizona gave us an experience that we wouldn't be able to give Brody on our own,” said Sara. “It was so nice to have somebody organize all the details for us so we could enjoy our time together and relax.”

Throughout his wish trip, Brody had the time of his life and experienced things he always wished to do like swimming with dolphins and riding in a submarine.

“I kissed and high-fived a dolphin!” Brody said.

Whether it was hanging out by the pool or swimming at the beach with his mom, dad and brother, Casey, Brody truly felt like royalty.

Brody even called himself “The King” for the whole week, because he had such a great time.

“Brody deserved to be treated like a king for a week after everything he has been through and we can’t thank Make-A-Wish Arizona enough for everything they did to make our son feel so special,” Sara said.

 “During his wish trip, Brody never stopped grinning from ear to ear,” said Sara. “When we went on Brody's wish, it was a celebration of life, perseverance, hope, determination and family.”

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"We're a stronger family now" - The healing power of Casey's wish

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