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After meeting in the hospital, Bryce and Dorothy are "forever friends"

  • Bryce, Dorothy and her brother Marcus had fun at the park.

  • Bryce had fun blasting bad guys at Disney World.

  • Bryce and Dorothy both wished to visit Disney World with their family.

  • Bryce and Dorothy had fun on many different rides at Disney World.

  • Bryce wished to go to Disney World with his friend Dorothy.

  • Bryce and Dorothy pose with Mickey Mouse.

“ Make-A-Wish Arizona gave us an opportunity to be as normal as we could be, and brought us together as a family ”

- Bryce's mom, Tracey

Sometimes, best friends meet one another in unexpected places.

Three years ago, Bryce and Dorothy met during chemotherapy treatment that both were undergoing to fight leukemia. Chemotherapy can be pretty tiring and boring, so the unlikely friendship began when the two connected over iPads given to them by their grandparents.

“It wasn’t long until they were making virtual hot dogs together on a game they were playing,” said Bryce’s mom, Tracey, laughing. “The two instantly became fast friends.”

The two were soon inseparable. As the friends grew closer together, so did their families.

“We formed a strong bond with one another because we were both going through the same thing,” Tracey said.

When Make-A-Wish Arizona came to visit the dynamic duo, Dorothy’s wish was to meet Cinderella. Bryce, being the chivalrous 7-year-old that he is, wanted nothing more than his good friend Dorothy’s wish to come true, so they both decided to visit Disney World together.

It was an exciting trip for both families, because neither family had visited the Florida theme park before. Riding Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain were some of Bryce’s best memories from the trip, but when asked about his favorite ride, you get an answer that is a bit of a surprise.

“My favorite part was riding in the limo,” said Bryce, who enjoyed the lights that flashed to the beat of the music in the fancy car that picked Bryce and his family up to take them to the airport as a special surprise. It was particularly exciting because the limo ride was a first for everyone in his family.

While at Disney World, the family home for the week was Give Kids the World, a 70-acre decorated village complete with twinkling lights and a Christmas tree that was restocked with new presents each day. It was a special experience for Bryce and Dorothy, where any and every wish along their stay was granted.

“The trip was way more than I could have ever expected and it was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Tracey. “I still have the voicemail saved on my phone when Bryce got his wish.”

Tracey is really happy they were able to combine Bryce and Dorothy’s wishes so Bryce and Dorothy could have this experience together. She knows that even though their wish experience is over, they will be friends forever.

“Make-A-Wish Arizona gave us an opportunity to be as normal as we could be, and brought us together as a family, and as an extended family too,” Tracey said.

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5-year-old Dorothy meets her favorite Disney princess, Cinderella

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