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Caitlin’s wish to go to Walt Disney World gives her the VIP treatment

  • Caitlin, 12, wished to go to Walt Disney World

  • Caitlin, 12, wished to go to Walt Disney World

  • Caitlin, 12, wished to go to Walt Disney World

“ Caitlin felt like she was the most important person there. Overall, her spirit has truly been lifted. ”

- Rory, Caitlin's dad

When 12-year-old Caitlin found out she was receiving a wish, she was quick to decide.

“I have to go to Cinderella’s castle and that’s it!” she said about her wish choice.  

According to Caitlin’s dad Rory, “She loved the idea of princesses and Cinderella so she of course wanted to see the castle in person.”  

The departure to Walt Disney World started with a limo ride to the airport and breezing through the TSA line.   

“Caitlin even got to become a part of the airline crew,” Rory said. “She met the captain and got to help the stewardess pass out peanuts. It was such a magical moment and was only the start.  

“In fact, the whole trip was just a red-carpet experience all the way up until we got home.”  

The family’s first three days in Florida were spent exploring all the Disney parks, like Animal Kingdom and Epcot. According to Rory, “Caitlin really enjoyed Mission Space at Epcot, Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom, and the VIP treatment from watching the Christmas show and parade at Magic Kingdom.”  

On the final few days, Caitlin and her family toured the Hollywood Studios where Caitlin and her family enjoyed a special show featuring the Grinch. “Caitlin loved exploring Whoville, its rides, and all it had to offer which was decorated for the Grinchmas Season” said Rory.  

Caitlin’s family enjoyed the luxury of the limo again on the way home from the airport and “Caitlin couldn’t stop laughing and saying how she was a celebrity,” Rory mentioned.  

Rory mentioned that “this trip made Caitlin feel like she was the only person there and so important, plus they treated our family so well too. She has had her good and her bad days since, but overall her spirit has truly been lifted,” said Rory. “Her wish allowed her to let her hair down and not care so much about the little things.”

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