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6-year-old Dustin will never forget his wish to Walt Disney World

  • Dustin, 7, and his family with Mickey Mouse at Epcot Center at Walt Disney World

  • Dustin and his family with Goofy and Pluto at Walt Disney World

  • Dustin with Jake, one of his favorite characters, while at Walt Disney World

  • Dustin with his grandparents at Walt Disney World

  • Dustin, 7, at the entrance of Monster's University at Walt Disney World.

“ It was more than I dreamed, it was amazing ”

- Dustin

Dustin has wanted to go to the Walt Disney World Resort for what seems like forever to meet his favorite characters and have the Disney experience. Dustin’s trip began with a limo ride to the airport, where he was greeted by his personal Southwest Airlines escort.

Southwest Airlines, a great partner for Make-A-Wish Arizona, really let Dustin rule the morning, allowing him to talk on the loudspeaker to the rest of the passengers. Plus, on the plane, the pilot let Dustin sit in his seat in the cockpit!

“The pilot let me talk over the PA system, and even press a few buttons!” Dustin said of the beginning flight of his journey. Then, when the family arrived in Florida, there was a welcome sign waiting for them. Dustin’s Florida vacation was packed with fun and activities. Not only did Dustin and his family visit Walt Disney World, they also went to Universal Studios Hollywood, Epcot®, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Park, Dinoland, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

“At Harry Potter, I got to choose my own special wand that was just mine,” said Dustin. The “wand choosing ceremony” was a special event just for Dustin.

Yet, even having his own wand could not compete with minions and ice cream.

“My favorite ride of the entire trip was Despicable Me Minion Mayhem,” he said. After the ride, he visited the Ice Cream Palace, “I got to eat so much ice cream!” he continued.

Dustin and his family had fun both day and night. In fact, one evening, the family attended The Lion King show in the park, and Dustin was asked to play a part as the characters danced down the aisles!

“Dustin could not say no to that opportunity,” said Michelle, Dustin’s mom.

Throughout his week of fun, Dustin met many of his favorite celebrities – like Goofy, Donald, Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates but it was one special celebrity run in – with his favorite character, Mickey Mouse – which he will never forget! He was with his friend Mickey when Mickey opened the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dustin was the lucky boy who was chosen to say the magic words, “Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!”

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