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Bella’s Disney World wish makes her feel like the happiest girl on earth

  • Bella and her brother loved meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse

  • Bella and her brother got to know all the characters in the park

  • Bella and her family stayed at Give Kids the World Village and had a blast

“ Bella’s wish was a gift for our family when we needed it most ”

- Bella's mother, Amber

All her life, Bella was told she couldn’t do things because of her diagnoses. On her wish to go to Walt Disney World, Bella felt like she could do anything!

Bella has wished to go to Disney World for as long as she can remember.

“It’s always been my dream,” she said. “I wanted to meet all the characters, but the princesses most of all because they seemed super nice and pretty.”

When Make-A-Wish Arizona told Bella that her wish to go to Disney World was coming true, she could hardly wait for the big day.

“She kept asking me, ‘Mom, how many more days? How many more days?’” Bella’s mother, Amber, said. “She was so excited to go.”

With her mother, brother and grandmother in tow, Bella seized the opportunity to explore every inch of the park – and the park did not disappoint.

“I always thought Disney would be really fun, and I was right!” Bella said. “We saw Mickie and Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, pirates and a real live mermaid. She was beautiful!”

But for Bella and her family, one of the most surprising parts of her wish occurred at Give the Kids the World Village, a nonprofit resort that provides room and board for Make-A-Wish kids traveling to Disney World.

“All the other kids at The Village were like me,” Bella said. “They had to go to the doctor and take pills every day, too!”

“I think the highlight of the trip for everyone was staying at the Village,” Bella’s grandmother, Gloria, said. “Bella can’t always do the same physical activities as other kids because of her epilepsy, osteoporosis or her respiratory condition. But at the Village, she could run around and be herself without feeling different.”

For Amber, the Village was a blessing for everyone in her family. “Bella’s brother has autism, and it was so good for them to be around kids who were going through the same things they were. We didn’t feel any judgment or frustration from anybody and I could watch my kids just be kids.”

Now, after her wish to go to Disney has finally come true, Bella will be starting the third grade in the fall and has been much healthier lately. The happy memories from her wish are often on her mind.

“I think about my wish all the time,” Bella said. “It makes me happy.”

Amber will always be grateful to Make-A-Wish Arizona for bringing her family so many good things all in one wish. “We didn’t have any cares when we were there, it was such a happy time. Bella’s wish was a gift for our family when we needed it most.”

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