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Ivy, 6, meets her favorite princesses at Walt Disney World

  • Ivy, 6, wished to go to Walt Disney World.

  • Ivy and her sister meet Ariel at Walt Disney World

  • Ivy and her older sister meet their favorite princess, Cinderella.

  • Ivy and her sister enjoy the beach in Florida

“ Ivy is so full of joy. This trip helped my little girl in ways I cannot even understand, and for that I am so grateful. ”

- Ivy's mom, Mary

Ivy, 6 is a strong little girl who always has a smile on her face. She has been through some major health battles but she has learned to fight and be brave just like the princesses she loves.

“It is ironic her name is Ivy because ivy itself is always growing, no matter the situation,” said Mary, Ivy’s mother. “You would never know how sick she is by just looking at her; she is such a happy girl.”

In her short life, Ivy has been in and out of the operating room many times due to her life-threatening heart condition and lung disease. Her surgeries are not always near home either, and sometimes her family has to travel out-of-state for the more complicated surgeries. 

“Ivy is coming up on her sixth open heart surgery,” said Mary. “But if there is one thing to know about my daughter, it is that she will never ever complain.”

When Ivy learned that her condition made her eligible for a wish, Ivy knew she wanted see all of her favorite Disney characters, including the princesses, and where they lived. 

“She is always talking about Mickey and Minnie Mouse and wanting to meet her favorite princesses, Anna and Elsa,” Mary said.

According to her mom, Ivy’s wish to go to Walt Disney World came at the perfect time. 

“After Ivy had an unexpected emergency brain surgery, we were told there was a high chance Ivy would have extensive brain damage with only half the use of her brain. As soon as she woke up, we kept telling her ‘You’re going to see Anna and Elsa! You’re going to see Anna and Elsa!’ - and immediately, she became so excited and started talking and acting like the Ivy we knew prior to the emergency surgery.”

With her trip to look forward to, Ivy and her family traveled to Give Kids the World, their home for the week with plenty of all-you-can-eat treats! Ivy was feeling under the weather for the first few days of the trip, but Give Kids the World had special appearances from her favorite Disney characters along with great amenities the family could relax and enjoy. 

During her time in the park, she had a great time meeting Anna and Elsa, her favorite Princesses. 

“Ivy was so exhausted and had actually fallen asleep but as soon as she heard Ana’s voice, she woke right up and couldn’t wait to talk to the princesses,” said Mary.

Now two years later, Ivy loves talking about her magical trip to Disney, and sharing her unique encounter with Anna and Elsa.

“Ivy is so full of joy,” said her mom. “This trip helped my little girl in ways I cannot even understand, and for that I am so grateful.”

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