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Wish Kids Waiting: Jaydyn, 5

Jaydyn, 5, had his wish to go to Hawaii postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“ Jaydyn's wish was postponed due to COVID-19 safety restrictions. ”

Jaydyn, 5, is used to isolation. When he was going through treatment for his leukemia, he and his mother spent months at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital while his older brothers, younger sister and dad stayed in Northern Arizona.

“It was hard to be a part for that long but it was necessary,” said Shermaine, Jaydyn’s mother. “That is when we were really started talking to Jaydyn about Make-A-Wish and his wish – to pass the time.”

The family found out about Make-A-Wish when attending a childhood cancer awareness event on the Navajo reservation. After he was approved for a wish, Jaydyn talked about many options with his volunteer wish granters and anyone who would listen but he kept coming back to one thing – he wished to go to a beach and spend time with his family. 

“Even before we got the diagnosis, Jaydyn would tell us he wanted to take a trip to the beach and play in the sand and go swimming,” said Shermaine. “We started researching and showing him beaches online and he decided he really wanted to see Hawaii.”

Jaydyn’s wish to go to Hawaii was supposed to happen in March but due to the travel restrictions, it has been postponed until the fall. 

“He is taking it well and so are his siblings,” said Shermaine. “We were really going to use that time to reconnect as a family after being apart so often and for so long but, since we are together now, we can now use his wish as a celebration as he is supposed to finish treatment this fall.”

Looking on the bright side is something Jaydyn and his family do a lot – and waiting on his wish has become just another part of his medical journey.

“We had gone shopping for new swimsuits and he was counting down the days but when I told him there were ‘bugs’ outside that would hurt him so we had to stay inside, he took it well,” laughs Shermaine. “Now, he just wants to know when the bugs will go away so he can go on his wish.”

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