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Larry, 8, finds out how LEGOs are made on wish to see the original factory

  • Larry, 8, wished to visit the original Lego factory in Denmark.

  • Larry and his family visited Lego Land and the original Lego factory in Denmark.

  • Larry has some fun at Lego Land in Denmark.

  • Larry, 8, checks out Legos on his wish.

  • Larry traveled to Denmark for his Lego wish.

“ It was so refreshing to feel just like regular people ”

- Tiana, Larry's mom

Larry always loved playing with Legos, and had often wondered how the small blocs were made.

But his wish to visit the Lego Factory turned out to show him much more than he ever expected. 

Larry, 8, who is diagnosed with lymphoid leukemia, was shocked to find out his family would be travelling all the way to Denmark to visit the original Lego Factory! 

“When I finally went on my wish I was so relieved,” Larry said. “I was counting down the days!” 

Larry and his family enjoyed an entire week of Lego fun, which included tours of the top-secret toy factory and manufacturing plant. During his wish, Larry met Lego employees and saw how Legos are made by machines and computers. 

“It was as big as 10 football fields!” said Larry’s mom, Tiana. “We were there all day and there was so much to do we literally had to run from place to place.” 

Larry’s favorite part of the wish was the three days he spent at the mini Lego Land on site at the factory. 

“I really liked the mini-Lego Land and there were tons of rides,” Larry said. 

His mom said it warmed her heart to see the employees at Lego make the experience so special for Larry, without treating him differently because of his illness. 

“People always seem to look or stare at Larry because his hands shake,” Tiana said. “It was so refreshing to feel just like regular people.” 

Plus, at the end of his wish, Larry and his family had a little bonus: family in London came to see them off!

“We were able to visit our family in London before we came back,” Tiana said. “I don’t know if we ever would have been able to meet this portion of our family without Larry’s wish. We’ve never even travelled abroad before so this was such a gift for our family to spend this time together.” 

Today, Make-A-Wish Arizona is still a part of their lives. Tiana is thankful that Larry’s wish granters continue to be so nice to the entire family, not because of his condition but because they are simply wonderful people. 

“It was such a humbling experience,” Tiana said. “When you are dealing with cancer in the family, it feels like you always have to give so much. Make-A-Wish Arizona taught us that even though you’re going through something really difficult, you can also receive this amazing experience that turns into a strong relationship with the organization.”

I was counting down the days! ”

— Larry

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