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Inspired by YouTube star's journey, Lexi wishes to go on her legacy cruise

Lexi, 12

“ I learned I can do anything I put my mind to! ”

- Lexi

When wish kid Alexis, 12, needed a little pick me up during her time in the hospital due to her life-threatening medical condition, she turned to the Internet for some mindless entertainment.

Little did Alexis (Lexi to her friends) know that her idea of mindless entertainment, aka beauty tutorials online, would turn out to be the inspiration for her wish experience months later!

For it was online that Lexi found Talia Joy Castellano, a young girl just a few years older than Lexi, who chronicled her life journey, her positive attitude and her beauty secrets on YouTube after being diagnosed with cancer.

Alexis felt a connection to Talia, since both young ladies were battling life-threatening illnesses.

“Talia taught me you can do anything that you put your mind to,” says Alexis. And for a tween girl dealing with trio of medical issues -- congenital heart disease, chronic lung disease and gastrointestinal disease – that inspiration was much needed.

Talia lost her battle with cancer in 2013. Lexi, who continues to deal with her medical condition regularly, soon found herself reading blogs and posts on Talia’s Fan page from people like herself, who found inspiration in Talia. Therefore, when it came time to decide on her one true wish, Lexi decided she wanted to be around the others who were living Talia’s Legacy and asked to go on the 2014 Talia Joy Castellano’s Legacy Fan Cruise to the Bahamas.

And what was it like to be around all those Talia Joy fans? Lexi sums it up in one word, “magical!”

Lexi’s itinerary not only included visits to cities like Nassau and CocoCay, but also included a chance to meet family and friends who were closest to Talia and attend a Talia Joy Remembrance Evening.

“I met Talia’s sister and mom, Mattia and Desiree, along with some of Talia’s good friends,” said Lexi. “That was even more exciting than being on a plane for the first time!”

Plus, Lexi has returned from her wish trip with new inspiration – friends from all over the country who regularly connect online and post their own inspirational videos to share.

“It was nice to have a break away from doctor appointments, etc.,” says mom Kelli. “It was great for Lexi to connect with other kids who are also facing illness and other struggles and to know that there are people who care about kids fighting these battles.”

And, like her inspiration, Lexi continues to be positive about her diagnosis and her wish. When asked to describe what it feels like to have her wish come true, Lexi bursts out adjectives like “cool, wonderful, awesome, fabulous!”

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  • Lexi, 12

  • Lexi, 12

  • Lexi, 12

  • Lexi, 12

  • Lexi, 12

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