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Madison's wish is a blessing for her family

  • Madison, 5, wished to go to Walt Disney World

  • Madison, 5, wished to go to Walt Disney World

  • Madison, 5, wished to go to Walt Disney World

  • Madison, 5, wished to go to Walt Disney World

  • Madison, 5, wished to go to Walt Disney World

  • Madison and her volunteer wish granters

“ The trip was something she will never forget. ”

- Ashley, Madison's mom

When Madison was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) on her 5th birthday, Make-A-Wish was not at the forefront of her mom’s mind.

“We wanted to get through her treatment and concentrate on building up her immune system before we even considered thinking about traveling or doing something outside of the hospital,” said Ashley. “A friend of mine is on the Make-A-Wish Arizona Board of Directors and he really encouraged me refer to Madison as something positive we could focus on while dealing with everything involved with her diagnosis.”

Madison was excited to meet her volunteer wish granters, who came to their home to help her decide her one true wish. It didn’t surprise Ashley when Madison chose Disney World because she loves all the characters and has visited Disneyland.

Once her wish was determined, Madison had to wait for her bone marrow levels to build back up as her treatment had caused her immunity to be compromised. To keep her excited, her volunteers created a poster with her activities on it and got her a special Barbie.

“The poster was a source of inspiration Madison elected to keep even after returning home,” said Ashley. "The trip was something she will never forget.”

The family was taken to the airport in a white limousine, and the airline even gave them the benefits of first class in coach. Once in Florida, they stayed at Give Kids the World, and enjoyed three days at Walt Disney World, two at Universal Studios, and one at SeaWorld.

Madison’s favorite part was seeing all the princesses and riding the Toy Story roller coaster.

“Madison’s wish was incredibly well-deserved. I was so excited watching her and my son, Preston, having fun on her wish. Madison’s treatment was hard on all of us, and the fact that we could all go as a family is everything. It was a beautiful blessing for all of us,” said Ashley.

Now that Madison is in remission, she can enjoy being a kid again. She is back in school, which she really enjoys, and has lots of playdates with her cousins.

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