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Raven meets turtles and dolphins on her Hawaii wish

  • Raven, 6, wished to go to Hawaii

  • Raven, 6, wished to go to Hawaii

  • Raven, 6, wished to go to Hawaii

  • Raven, 6, wished to go to Hawaii

“ Her wish was just what we needed ”

- Tabatha, Raven's mom

Raven knew exactly what she wanted her wish to be, from the moment she heard about Make-A-Wish Arizona. Raven loves to watch Disney’s Moana, and she has always wanted to travel and explore the island of Hawaii with her family.

Tabatha, Raven’s mother, was overjoyed when she learned her daughters wish would be granted and the whole family began to see the light at the end of the tunnel after a long two and a half years of chemo treatments.

“The reveal party was a lot of fun,” said Tabatha. “Our volunteers were amazing, they answered any questions we had, and they made this experience even better than we could have imagined and Raven was completely ecstatic, shocked and so happy when she realized her wish would soon be coming true!”

Raven and her family did a lot of fun activities while they were in Hawaii including a dolphin encounter, seeing the turtles, playing in the sand and ocean and taking an island tour boat ride.

“Our favorite part was the island boat tour,” Tabatha said. “The tour guide that we had was amazing, he was incredibly insightful and made the day more fun all around. It was just an incredible adventure and experience, all around.”

Raven, who wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up, truly enjoyed her interactions with animals throughout the week.

“My favorite part was the seeing the turtles and the dolphins. The dolphin interaction was so cool, and it was a lot of fun!” Raven said.

According to Raven’s family, since her wish she has been happier, well-adjusted and loves to discuss her wish with her family and friends all the time.

 “Raven realized she was special, and she felt honored and celebrated through every second of her wish,” Tabatha said. “Her wish was just what we needed and she has not stopped talking about the island and how beautiful it is. She will never forget this trip.”




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