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Rebecca's wish to go to Thomasland is an unforgettable adventure

  • Rebecca met one of her favorite characters, Sir Topham Hatt, and rode on the different trains at the park

  • Rebecca met all her favorite characters from the show

  • Rebecca loves airplanes almost as much as she loves Thomas, and she enjoyed meeting the pilot

  • At Rebecca's wish reveal party, she received a Thomas the Tank Engine cake

“ Rebecca was basically speechless when she first saw Thomas, she was so excited! ”

- Sherri, Rebecca's mother

Since she was young, Rebecca has followed the adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends through the TV screen. Her wish to visit Thomasland allowed her to meet her locomotive hero in real life.

It is safe to say that Rebecca is Thomas the Tank Engine’s number one fan. Since she was a little girl, she has loved watching his show Thomas & Friends and regularly views funny YouTube videos of Thomas online.

Even her past five birthdays have been Thomas-themed.

“Thomas is a huge part of her life,” said her mother Sherri. “Through all the eye surgeries, heart surgeries, and spine problems that come from her diagnoses, watching Thomas always makes her so happy. It was no surprise at all when she chose to go to Thomasland in Massachusetts for her wish.”

When Rebecca heard her wish would be granted, she was ecstatic and instantly ready for her own adventure to begin.

“I packed my suitcase as soon as I found out,” Rebecca said. “I was ready to go!”

Rebecca loved every moment of her wish, from flying in an airplane and going on a whale-watching tour to meeting all her favorite characters from Thomas & Friends at the park. But without a doubt, her favorite part of her wish was finally meeting Thomas and riding him around the park.

“Rebecca was basically speechless when she first saw Thomas, she was so excited,” Sherri said. “We talked with him and rode him around the park five or six times. She couldn’t get enough.”

“It was the best day ever,” Rebecca said. “Thomas was so nice and fun. I couldn’t believe it was really him!”

After returning from her wish, Rebecca is now awaiting a major heart surgery. Thankfully, she has pictures of her and Thomas together that she can use to relive her best day ever whenever she is feeling down.   

“Rebecca is often in a lot of pain due to her condition, and this can be a stressful and scary time for all of us as we await her surgery. To have those special memories of her wish, after everything that she has been through, I know she holds her wish very close to her heart,” Sherri said.

“We were so happy she received this wish,” Sherri continued. “And we know she is happy too!”

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