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Alessandra's wish to have a playhouse becomes a reality

“ Seeing her so happy after all she's gone through fills us with so much joy. ”

- Raquel, Alessandra's mom

Alessandra, 6, loves to play house.

Indoors, outdoors, in her room or in any room of the house, she can often be found playing house with her brother and her friends, weaving a fantasy where she never has to go to the hospital again. 

That would be a big ask considering her critical heart condition has required multiple surgeries, months in and out of the hospital and doctors’ appointments and even five helicopter transports for emergency care. 

“I found out about Make-A-Wish in a Facebook group for heart kids,” said Alessandra’s mother, Raquel. “When her volunteers came to speak to her about her wish, she wasn’t 100 percent sure what she would wish for but when they talked about a playhouse, she was excited.”

The playhouse, built by Enrique’s Littletown Playhouse, includes a slide, doors and windows and a front porch to greet her “guests”.

Alessandra is ready to invite her little friends and have fun together in her playhouse. "I want to invite Sofia and my brother to my playhouse," said Alessandra. 

"To see Alessandra's wish come true means everything to us. Being able to see her so happy after all she's gone through fills us with so much joy that we simply can't explain in words," said Raquel, Alessandra's mother. "This wish will help Alessandra express that positive attitude that characterizes her, but that sometimes she finds it difficult to show it anywhere else other than here at home."

Alessandra's family is very grateful for Make-A-Wish Arizona, Enrique's Littletown Playhouse and the community at large. Since Alessandra was born, her and her family have received the support of many people. Rachel says she feels blessed by this gift for her little Alessandra.

"Since Alessandra was born, we have received the support of family, friends, neighbors, the community and even people whom we didn't know. Seeing and knowing that this support continues even after 6 years it’s incredible. We appreciate it very much and this motivate us to move forward as a family," Raquel said.

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