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August's wish for an adaptive bike helps him feel like a 'normal kid'

  • August and his new bike

  • August and his new bike

  • August and his new bike

“ For a short time each day, August's bike makes him feel like a normal kid. ”

- Emilie, wish mom

Most people say that once you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget. Due to August’s multiple conditions, he’s never been able to ride a typical bicycle. That is why his wish for an adaptive bike has allowed him to finally experience one of his childhood dreams.

Between doctor’s and therapy appointments for August’s critical epilepsy and traumatic brain injury, August’s mom, Emilie, heard about Make-A-Wish from a friend. 

“I originally thought a wish kid had to be diagnosed with a terminal illness so we were very surprised August qualified. When they told me August was approved for a wish, we weren’t expecting it at all.”

In fact, Emilie still remembers August’s reaction to his wish coming true.

“He was extremely excited when he got the bike. His wish team gave him a blue bike since that is his favorite color and they even attached different things to it, like a handlebar on the back that we use to help him steer,” she said.

Although August hasn’t had the chance to ride his bike much yet because of the colder weather, his family can’t wait until the summer.

“We are so excited for it to get warmer outside so August can ride his bike to the park,” she continued. “He loves being outside and this is a perfect opportunity for August to finally enjoy the outdoors more.”

More than anything, Emilie is happy her son finally has the chance to do something that makes him feel like a “normal kid.”

“Learning to ride a bike is something a lot of kids get to do and now August can be as normal as he can be, even if it’s just for a short amount of time during the day,” Emilie said.

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