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Benjamin's new tablet brings joy and helps distract him from chemotherapy

“ His tablet gave him something to look forward to. ”

- Gloria, Benjamin's mom

Benjamin, 6, was diagnosed with cancer last year. Finding out he had many chemotherapy treatments ahead, he wished for something fun to bring him joy during long hours at the hospital.

One day, a Phoenix Children’s Hospital caseworker referred 6-year-old Benjamin for a wish.

“When we received a call from Make-A-Wish Arizona and he was so excited,” said Benjamin's mom, Gloria.

Benjamin, who loves to play games, wished to have his very own tablet. 

“It helped to distract him from chemotherapy,” said Gloria. “Benjamin could focus on his games and have something fun to do instead of thinking about his cancer."

“It’s been a great experience,” said Gloria. “After he finished long treatments, Benjamin’s tablet became a reward he could enjoy.”

Since his wish, Benjamin has downloaded more than 30 games including Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds.  

“My favorite game is Minecraft!” said Benjamin. “But I love to play all kinds of games on my tablet.”

Gloria said Benjamin plays on his tablet for so long; she’s had to limit his usage.

“He will play on it for hours because he’s having so much fun!” said Gloria. “Make-A-Wish Arizona granted Benjamin a simple wish, but it’s so special to him.”

Benjamin finished chemotherapy treatment this year and his cancer is currently inactive. Yet his wish keeps giving him joy, and his mother too, as he finishes his homework each day so he can play his games.

Reflecting on Benjamin’s wish, Gloria said she is so appreciative for the gift Make-A-Wish Arizona gave her son. 

  • Benjamin received a speaker, headphones and a gift card to buy new games with his tablet.

  • Benjamin's tablet gave him something to do during long days of chemotherapy.

  • Benjamin's favorite thing to do on his new tablet is play games, like Minecraft.

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