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Growing up with nine sisters, Bernie wishes for his own shopping spree

  • Bernie shopped for all of his favorite electronics and games.

  • Bernie's entire family got to ride on a party bus between stores.

  • Bernie poses with an iPad he brought home from the shopping spree.

  • Bernie's sister helps him shop for his favorite things.

“ It was a big relief to us, because he had something to look forward to. It was really inspiring and motivational for him. ”

- Uvalilia, Bernie's sister

When you grow up with nine sisters, there are always lots of arms in your way when you try to play video games and watch television.

However; those 18 extra arms sure do come in handy when you wish to have a shopping spree for all of the latest gadgets and devices you’ve ever imaged!

Bernie, 17, has always been an avid gamer. However, he could have never imagined that when he was diagnosed with cancer, Make-A-Wish Arizona would visit him in the hospital and make his biggest wish come true.

 “It was great to know I was getting a shopping spree,” Bernie said. “The people from Make-A-Wish were really nice and I’m very thankful.”

The seven hour shopping spree began with a surprise party bus that chauffeured Bernie and his entire family—a total of 12 people-- to his favorite stores. With stops at Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart, Bernie selected a wide array of electronics, games, and even clothes!

“My favorite thing from the whole day is my newest generation PlayStation 4!” Bernie said.

After the shopping spree, Bernie arrived home with all sorts of the latest technology and gaming products. But for Bernie’s sister Uvalilia, this opportunity wasn’t just about the material things Bernie received, but the wish experience itself.

“He was ready to give up on treatments,” she said. “When Make-A-Wish Arizona said he could have a shopping spree for all his favorite things, it was a big relief to us, because he had something to look forward to. It was really inspiring and motivational for him.”

Bernie’s passion for gaming continues to grow.

“His games help him create his own world, even when he’s in pain,” Uvalilia said. “When he goes to college he wants to be the person who designs video and computer games.”

Now that Bernie has so many new games and gadgets to play with, he has plenty to share with his sisters. He likes to challenge them to different games, on the condition that he can show off his skills.

“He still beats me every time,” Uvalilia said, laughing.

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