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Dayton's gaming computer provides him new beats to live by

Dayton, 16, wished to have a virtual reality gaming computer.

“ This was my wish even before the restrictions but it has really been a good thing to have right now. ”

- Dayton, wish kid

Dayton is a gaming fanatic. He has been playing video games for years and has recently become interested in games that include virtual reality, trying new games as soon as they come out.

“The computer I had wasn’t strong enough to play the games I wanted to play so I wished for a stronger computer and gaming system,” said Dayton, 16.
His wish was granted in March, right around his 16th birthday, when his computer came, along with a special surprise – a Virtual Reality kit from Valve, a company recognized for high-fidelity virtual reality experiences. 
Dayton was super excited to see the Valve kit, as it also include messages of hope from the entire Valve team.
“It made my wish extra special that they signed the box for me specifically,” said Dayton. 
He was also excited to start using the virtual reality game, Beat Saber. This fitness/rhythm game features the player slicing blocks recognizing musical beats with a pair of contrasting colored sabers and makes Dayton move and dance around, which helps with his critical cystic fibrosis.
“I’ve been using it a lot since I’m not in school and I don’t have gym and sports,” said Dayton. “It’s one of my favorite games.”
Dayton has many other games to try and has connected with friends so he can have some fun during the coronavirus restrictions with his new wish.

“This was my wish even before the restrictions but it has really been a good thing to have right now,” said Dayton. “I’m so excited to get to use my new computer and system for a long time.”

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