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14-year-old Dominic learns to do tricks on his new jet ski

Dominic and his friend on his new jet ski

“ There were so many kids in the hospital, so many kids that could have wishes, I didn’t think it would happen for me ”

- Dominic

After only a couple of weeks with his own Jet Ski, Dominic is getting to be quite an expert on the lake, turning “360s” and going as fast as he possibly can to beat those who are riding with him.

His need for speed is quite ok with his family, because just two short years ago, Dominic, 14, had to slow everything down due to a diagnosis of brain cancer. It was only after two brain surgeries and a round of radiation and chemotherapy that Dominic started to get back to his old self. It was also about that time that Make-A-Wish Arizona approached Dominic about his one true wish.

“At my last chemotherapy treatment, someone mentioned Make-A-Wish to my mom and we looked into it,” Dominic said. “But there were so many kids in the hospital, so many kids that could have wishes, I didn’t think it would happen for me.”

Proved eligible by his diagnosis, Dominic was visited in the hospital by two wish granters, who told him that his options were endless.

“In the hospital, I was thinking a trip to Disneyland or something with my family,” he continues. “But after I got out of the hospital, I went to the lake with my dad and was riding jet skis and thought it would be great to have my own.”

Dominic’s family and friends love to be in the water. They often go to the lake to go swimming, boating, tubing or wakeboarding but with only one jet ski, people often had to spend more time on the shore waiting their turn than hanging out together.

Make-A-Wish Arizona went to work, with his wish granters and Make-A-Wish Arizona staff working with RideNow Sports in Tucson to make Dominic’s wish come true. Not only were they able to secure a new jet ski in the Dominic’s favorite colors, they were able to enhance his wish with life vests and other things he needs to make his time on the lake both fun and safe. Plus, they arranged the wish reveal as a big surprise!

“My dad told me we were going to the store to pick up the old jet ski but when I walked in, everyone was there and I saw my wish granters and the green and black jet ski and I knew my wish came true,” he said. Since the big reveal, Dominic has taken his new “wish ski” to the lake twice, learning how to really make it fly.

“I love to go faster than everyone else and I’m learning to do tricks,” he said. “When you have two people on, you have to go slower so it is fun that we now have two jet skis so we can go out with just one person and go fast.”

Dominic says that his new jet ski is better than his dad’s but his dad is still teaching him some tricks.

“I’m learning how to do 360s and riding all around the lake,” he said. “It is the best wish ever.”

I love to go faster than everyone else and I’m learning to do tricks! ”

— Dominic

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