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Francisco drives away bad thoughts in his wish truck

  • Francisco's new truck is revealed to him.

  • Francisco with the team of experts at Unique Upholstery.

  • Francisco getting an inside look of his truck with expert at Unique Upholstery.

  • Francisco with wish manager Dana, and volunteer wish granters Jennifer and Rosalie.

  • Francisco admiring his refurbished truck.

“ It’s something that is going to change my life now that I’m better. ”

- Francisco

Francisco’s leukemia diagnosis was a hard one for both him and his family. At the age of 16, sitting for chemo treatments and dealing with physicians was not what wanted to think about. His parents too were worried. Francisco was depressed and nothing was helping.

In talking with his son, Francisco’s father realized that he needed something to keep his mind focused on the future. And that something was having his own truck.

To make that happen, his father re-purchased a family truck that had been sold to a friend and told Francisco he could have it but only if he worked hard at his therapies and listened to doctors.

“I knew that is what I would wish for,” said Francisco. “It was awesome to work with [company Unique Upholstery] on exactly what I wanted."

Scott and Athena Oblinger, owners of Unique Upholstery, were excited to help make Francisco’s wish a reality.

“I had a Chevy truck just like this for years and am still sad that I sold it,” said Scott. “Working on Francisco’s truck was both an honor and a memory of my own ride.”

Completed, the truck looked brand new – with blue paint that was the same color as the Make-A-Wish logo, a happy accident that Francisco didn’t even realize.

“I can’t wait to drive it to school and around my neighborhood,” said Francisco. “It’s something that is going to change my life now that I’m better.”

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