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10-year-old Issac's space bedroom is more than anyone ever imagined

  • Rural Metro Fire Department helps unload and unpack the pieces of Isaac's new room.

  • Rural Metro Fire Department helps unload and unpack the pieces of Isaac's new room.

  • Issac's room before construction.

  • Issac's room before construction.

  • Dave and Andrew about to start construction in Isaac's room.

  • Isaac's room in the middle of construction.

  • Isaac sees his room for the first time.

  • Isaac happy to see his room.

  • Isaac smiles in his newly renovated room.

  • Isaac views the ceiling mural in his new room.

  • Isaac, his mother, and the designers in his new room.

  • Isaac experiences his new room with the new LED lights on.

  • A wall in Isaac's bedroom.

  • Isaac seeing the pull-out alien for the first time.

  • A pull-out alien in Isaac's room.

  • Isaac and his construction team pose in his newly renovated room.

“ We met Isaac and knew we had to do this room ”

- David Nolan

Sometimes it’s the little coincidences that help Make-A-Wish Arizona know a wish was meant to be.

Little coincidences like wish kid Isaac’s name starting with the same letter as Imagination Dental Solutions, the company that donated their time and inspired room designs to craft a space room custom made for Issac’s needs and happiness.

Little coincidences like the owner of Imagination Dental Solutions, David Nolan, having a home in Phoenix, though his company is based in Calgary.

Little coincidences like Isaac’s wish manager, Dana, who took her daughter to a dentist office designed by Nolan to look like a space room just after meeting with Isaac’s wish granter volunteers who said that Isaac wanted a space room.

So many coincidences that all came together for 48 hours to craft an incredible, inspired, personalized custom room for Isaac so he could sit and enjoy swirling lights, sounds and colors, the three things he most enjoys when he is in therapy.

“Isaac’s favorite ‘toy’ when he is at his therapy school is a cardboard box with simple holes punched in the top and holiday lights strung through to look like stars,” said Ashley, Isaac’s mom. “He would sit in there for hours if we would let him.”

Isaac, a 10 year-old boy with life-threatening cerebral palsy, cannot speak on his own, but he says much with his smile and his expressions of joy when he interacts with his family, his nurses and even with strangers.

It was that interaction and joy of space and light that inspired Nolan and his business partner Andrew Hulbert to craft a full room of different color lights, pods with sensory toys and even a ceiling mural of Isaac and his four brothers and sisters for Isaac to enjoy as his wish to have a room renovation.

“We met Isaac and that was that, we said ‘whatever you want us to do, we’d love to help’,” said Nolan. “It was really a great project for us. This is the kind of work we love to do.”

The room, which was originally a dining and living room space, now features the interactive lighting and toys for a “play space”, as well as glow-in-the-dark carpet from Express Flooring. The design enabled Make-A-Wish Arizona to add functional items as well, including a Murphy bed donated by BredaBeds for Isaac’s mother and/or nurse who have to stay close at night. The bed’s mattress was donated by Sleep America. Rural Metro Fire Department San Tan Valley fire fighters also helped to unload the many heavy pieces of the room and even set up the Murphy bed.

“I just can’t believe the difference,” said Ashley. “It’s more than I ever could have imagined. It’s going to have a such an impact on Isaac.”

Imagination. Impact. Isaac. Three more “I” words that add up to an incredible wish.

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